Tuesday, February 20Exploring The Black Presence In The Bible

The 16 Most Ridiculous Things People Say After They Find Out Jesus Was Black and 48 Ways To Respond

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..." - Hosea 4:6

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If there was ever a topic that breeds both hilarious and ridiculous responses based on nothing more than hate for black people, its the subject of Christ being black. Put the words “black” and “Jesus” in the same sentence and people will lose all common sense. Some people just can’t fathom the idea that a man that lived in Africa, came from a lineage that mixed with Africans, and were often mistaken for Africans… could possibly be black (cognitive dissonance). What it boils down to is that they just flat out hate the idea of a black Messiah… and those that would reject Christ based on race will not see the kingdom of heaven. Feel free to drop a link to this page any time you encounter any of these type of people.

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#1. It’s Not About Race

  1. If it wasn’t about race his race wouldn’t have been changed from black to white, and then repainted white over and over again for over 700 years.
  2. If it’s not about race, why don’t conservative Christian film companies cast people with the same skin tone that ancient Egyptians to play Hebrews, since Hebrews were mistaken for ancient Egyptians in the Bible?
  3. If it’s not about race then why do you feel the need to speak up against the truth being taught?

#2. God Doesn’t See Color

  1. How did a color blind God create so many different colors?
  2. If God doesn’t see color how did so many references to skin color make it into the Bible?
  3. If God doesn’t see color how did he know he was turning Miriam white for her comments about Moses’ African wife?

#3. Salvation Isn’t About Race

  1. Why does saying Christ was black suddenly make salvation about race?
  2. Are you actually saying that to reassure yourself of what we already know?
  3. Why do you feel that needs to be said just because someone says Jesus is black?

#4. I Don’t Care What Color He Was

  1. If you didn’t care you wouldn’t have to tell us you don’t care.
  2. If you didn’t care you wouldn’t feel the urge to make a comment just because you saw the words “black” and “Jesus” in the same sentence.
  3. If you didn’t care you wouldn’t be arguing with us about the race of a man that was told to hide in Africa to escape being found (they always argue).

#5. Jesus Was A Jew

  1. Jew is a religion not a race.
  2. Hebrews spent 400 years mixing with Africans according to the Bible.
  3. Paul was a Jew and he was mistaken for an Egyptian descendant of Ham.

#6. Jesus Was Olive Colored But Not Black

  1. Olives only come in black and green.
  2. Hebrews were mistaken for Egyptians in the Bible and Egyptians painted themselves as black people.
  3. The Middle East consisted of black people until the Greeks and Romans began mixing with them.

#7. Jesus Was Brown But Not Black

  1. Jesus was sent to live in Africa so he could blend in and not be found.
  2. Jesus was described as having skin the color of burned bronze in Revelation. Burned bronze is the same color as dark skinned black people.
  3. No modern “Middle Eastern” looking person looks anything close to the people depicted in Egypt, which is what all of the Hebrews were described as looking like, so why would Jesus be any different?

#8. Jesus Doesn’t Have A Color / Jesus Was All Colors

  1. If Jesus didn’t have a color he’d be the most talked about and documented person in the history of people.
  2. A colorless person would generate more news than any miracle you can think of.
  3. I think God would have mentioned a colorless Messiah as a crystal clear sign of who he was (pun intended).

#9. I Know He Wasn’t White… But…

  1. If you know Jesus wasn’t white why aren’t you teaching that white Jesus is a deception?
  2. Was your intention to let other believers continue believing a lie?
  3. What does the Bible say about our duty to expose deception in the Church?

#10. That Doesn’t Make You Special

  1. Being the chosen people according to scripture is what makes Hebrews special.
  2. Lying on Christ and painting him white doesn’t make Europeans special… just liars.
  3. The Church was grafted onto Israel, not the other way around, because Israel is special.

#11. That’s Not The Point of The Bible

  1. The point of the Bible isn’t to deceive everyone into believing a lie by turning Christ and the Hebrews into white people, but Europeans still do it.
  2. The point of the Bible isn’t to ignore any scripture that makes you feel uncomfortable, but Europeans still do it when it comes to the truth about the race of Christ and Israel.
  3. The point of the Bible isn’t to tell those brave enough to speak truth to stop speaking truth because you’d rather have people continue worshiping a false white imposter.

#12. Jesus Loves Everybody

  1. What does that have to do with the fact that he’s black?
  2. Do you say that to people posting pictures of a deceptive white Jesus online?
  3. Why do you feel that if people say Jesus is black that they need to be reminded that he loves everyone, but feel no need to say that when you see a deceptive white Jesus?

#13. Jesus Wasn’t Black

  1. Have you ever actually researched him using the Bible, history books, and maps instead of just listening to people tell you he wasn’t black?
  2. What specific facts do you have to support the claim that Jesus wasn’t black? Your emotions and feelings don’t count as proof and neither do your dreams or visions.
  3. Are you saying he wasn’t black because you don’t want him to be black?

#14. That’s Not Important

  1. Where in the Bible does it say truth isn’t important?
  2. If it wasn’t important why did God allow it to be included in his word?
  3. Can you please make a list of the specific Bible verses that we should ignore since you know better than God what is and isn’t important to teach from his word?

#15. The Devil Invented Race / Race Is of The Devil

  1. Where in the Bible does it say the Devil invented race?
  2. Which races specifically did the Devil invent?
  3. Can the races the devil invented be saved by Christ?

#16. This Is Divisive / This Pushes People Away

  1. Christ said that he came to bring division (Luke 12:51)
  2. The lie of fake white Jesus is divisive and pushes people away as well.
  3. The truth only divides people that hate the fact that Jesus was black.

The Breakdown

The reason people respond the way they do to the idea that Jesus was black, is because they simply can’t stand the idea that the Messiah would choose to be black and not white. They can’t fathom a creator that would choose to be one of the very people they have spent centuries hating, enslaving, scattering, and oppressing, WITHOUT CAUSE, instead of choosing to live on earth as a European. They’re hoping and praying that black people in American are not Hebrews because many of them know how horribly they’ve treated God’s people and they know they’ll have to answer to the Creator for what they’ve done… and they won’t be able to make a single excuse for it.

A black Christ is the ultimate blow to white supremacy and that’s why many respond to the idea of a black savior the way they do. Their racism won’t allow them to recognize or worship a black Messiah… but they do expect everyone to associate Christ with the fake white idol they’ve used to fill churches all over the world… and make no mistake, there won’t be any racists in heaven because Christ knows that they aren’t coming to him for the right reasons… but for the white reasons.

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  • Lynne

    Dear Dante. Dissimulation keeps truth under evil lies no matter the subject.we have been duped in so many ways. Worship in spirit and truth is a glorified thing, supernatural , above all nature oh that repentant hearts may beat with Christ”s love. I appreciate your work very much

    • Black History In The Bible

      Yep. Who hasn’t heard of him? Europeans have spent billions pushing the deception of a white Christ, and many just don’t know yet. The lie is crumbling fast though.

  • Tutt

    Thank you minister Fortson! Your research and work are thought-provoking and compelling because it’s backed by the Scriptures. Yes – you’re right – the majority of whites cannot accept the fact Christ’s appearance is African – like the Civil War monuments placed around the U.S. as a form of racist persecution – the whitened image of Christ is also found in every Evangelical and “Christian” church. Whites seem to be rabidly entrenched in the “religion” of white supremacy – a darkness the light of Christ does not penetrate. During a recent hospitalization at a Catholic hospital a nun entered my room and the first thing she did was attempt to hand me a picture of “Christ” – a white man with dark blonde hair – that I refused to accept. The look on the nun’s face when I refused to accept what she was trying to give was one of shock – even anger.

    Though your work is meant for all audiences it is African Americans that need your help the most because for our generations in the U.S. “reality” is the racist brainwashing of hundreds of years of blasphemous lies, persecution and oppression. Several years ago I asked myself “What image do I see when I pray”? The honest answer to my questions was the same image I saw in bibles as a child – a time of few questions in the fog of a wretchedness that dominated both our physical bodies and our eternal psyche – we “accepted”.

    Thank you

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