Saturday, September 19"And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not."

Monthly Call To Prayer / Prayer Requests – October 2018

This is your monthly reminder to pray for our deliverance. Also if you want to ask for prayer, leave a comment below with as much or as little detail as you like. If you don’t know what to pray for here are a few suggestions:

  • Pray for the awakening of our people.
  • Pray for the safety of our people.
  • Pray for The Most High to deliver us from our captivity.

If you know anyone that needs prayer or wants to join us in prayer, please share this with them.

  • If you ask for prayer, please pray for someone else asking for prayer.
  • If you are not asking for prayer, please pray for someone asking for prayer.

We all need to have each other’s back in these last days, and praying for each other is minimal effort that each of us can take a few minutes to do. This reminder goes out monthly, so don’t hesitate to visit any previous post and pray for anyone requesting prayer in the comments section.

Shalom and God bless.

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  • Blanche

    I have been without a job for two years, and during this time my tenant made is final rent to buy payment all of this caused me to loose $1500.00 a month cash income. I now receive Social Security my sole source of income. Of course this caused my credit score to drop tremendously because of my inability to pay some bills or to be late paying other bills. I do no need prayer for a financial blessing and/or gainful employment. Thank you, and may God bless others that are going through situations similar or worse.

  • Jewel Reddick

    Please pray for my Son and his family. They are hard working people who are looking for a home in Colorado. They are having a hard time. With 4 children and a wife. They both work full time and are living a hotel. This is expensive because they must buy prepared food as they cannot cook. They need a home!

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