Additions To Esther 15 (KJV)

1And vpon the third day when shee had ended her prayer, she laide away her mourning garments, and put on her glorious apparell.

2And being gloriously adorned, after she had called vpon God, who is the beholder, and Sauiour of all things, she tooke two maids with her.

3And vpon the one shee leaned as carying her selfe daintily.

4And the other followed bearing vp her traine.

5And she was ruddy through the perfection of her beautie, and her countenance was cheerefull, and very amiable: but her heart was in anguish for feare.

6Then hauing passed through all the doores, shee stood before the King, who sate vpon his royall throne, and was clothed with all his robes of maiestie, all glittering with golde and precious stones, and he was very dreadfull.

7Then lifting vp his countenance that shone with maiestie, he looked very fiercely vpon her: and the Queene fell downe and was pale, and fainted, and bowed her selfe vpon the head of the maide that went before her.

8Then God changed the spirit of the king into mildnesse, who in a feare leaped from his throne, and tooke her in his armes till she came to her selfe againe, and comforted her with louing words, and sayd vnto her:

9Esther, what is the matter? I am thy brother, be of good cheere.

10Thou shalt not die, though our cōmandement be generall: come neere.

11And so he held vp his golden scepter, and laid it vpon her necke,

12And embraced her, & said, Speake vnto me.

13Then said shee vnto him, I saw thee, my lord, as an Angel of God, and my heart was troubled for feare of thy maiestie.

14For wonderfull art thou, lord, and thy countenance is full of grace.

15And as she was speaking, she fell downe for faintnesse.

16Then the king was troubled, and all his seruants comforted her.

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