Additions To Esther 16 (KJV)

1The great king Artaxerxes vnto the princes and gouernours of an hundreth and seuen and twenty prouinces, from India vnto Ethiopia, and vnto all our faithfull Subiects, greeting.

2Many, the more often they are honoured with the great bountie of their gracious princes, the more proud they are waxen,

3And endeauour to hurt not our Subiects onely, but not being able to beare abundance, doe take in hand to practise also against those that doe them good:

4And take not only thankfulnesse away from among men, but also lifted vp with the glorious words of lewde persons that were neuer good, they thinke to escape the iustice of God, that seeth all things, and hateth euill.

5Often times also faire speech of those that are put in trust to manage their friends affaires, hath caused many that are in authority to be partakers of innocent blood, and hath enwrapped them in remedilesse calamities:

6Beguiling with the falshood and deceit of their lewd disposition, the innocencie and goodnesse of princes.

7Now yee may see this as we haue declared, not so much by ancient histories, as yee may, if ye search what hath beene wickedly done of late through the pestilent behauiour of them that are vnworthily placed in authoritie.

8And we must take care for the time to come, that our kingdome may bee quiet and peaceable for all men,

9Both by changing our purposes, and alwayes iudging things that are euident, with more equall proceeding.

10For Aman a Macedonian the son of Amadatha, being indeed a stranger from the Persian blood, and far distant from our goodnesse, and as a stranger receiued of vs:

11Had so farre forth obtained the fauour that wee shew toward euery nation, as that he was called our father, and was continually honoured of all men, as the next person vnto the king.

12But he not bearing his great dignitie, went about to depriue vs of our kingdome and life:

13Hauing by manifold and cunning deceits sought of vs the destruction as well of Mardocheus, who saued our life, and continually procured our good, as also of blamelesse Esther partaker of our kingdome, with their whole nation.

14For by these meanes he thought, finding vs destitute of friends, to haue translated the kingdome of the Persians to the Macedonians.

15But wee finde that the Iewes, whom this wicked wretch hath deliuered to vtter destruction, are no euill doers, but liue by most iust lawes:

16And that they be children of the most high and most mighty liuing God, who hath ordered the kingdome both vnto vs, and to our progenitors in the most excellent maner.

17Wherefore ye shall doe well not to put in execution the Letters sent vnto you by Aman the sonne of Amadatha.

18For hee that was the worker of these things, is hanged at the gates of Susa with all his family: God, who ruleth all things, speedily rendring vengeance to him according to his deserts.

19Therefore ye shall publish the copy of this Letter in all places, that the Iewes may freely liue after their owne lawes.

20And ye shall aide them, that euen the same day, being the thirteenth day of the twelfth moneth Adar, they may be auenged on them, who in the time of their affliction shall set vpon them.

21For Almightie God hath turned to ioy vnto them the day, wherein the chosen people should haue perished.

22You shall therefore among your solemne feasts keepe it an high day with all feasting,

23That both now and hereafter there may be safetie to vs, and the well affected Persians: but to those which doe conspire against vs, a memoriall of destruction.

24Therefore euery citie and countrey whatsoeuer, which shall not doe according to these things, shall bee destroyed without mercy, with fire and sword, and shall be made not onely vnpassable for men, but also most hatefull to wilde beasts and foules for euer.

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