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About Hebrew Sphere | Huge Opportunity For 10 Volunteers

Is it possible to create opportunities for black people almost overnight with the click of a button? We’re about to find out… and there’s also a HUGE opportunity for 10 volunteers that want to help. Click the following link to check out the site:

About Hebrew

Hebrew Sphere is an opportunity based platform that focuses letting our people know what’s going on with our people from around the world. It’s not just about major news outlets, but us as individuals. We’ll feature content from black writers, video creators, artists, musicians, comedians, financial experts, activists, etc… and not just the famous ones. We are willing to feature ANYONE that isn’t contributing to the destruction of the black community.

  • No destructive music will be promoted.
  • No destructive behavior will be promoted.
  • No white owned businesses will be advertised.
  • No white investors will be entertained.
  • No political parties will be promoted.

The ONLY white people that will benefit from Hebrew is the hosting company… for now.

The Primary Goal of Hebrew Sphere

The goal is to bring “blacktivity” from around the world onto a single website. The plan is to have a mixture of 80% positive black images and 20% entertainment (in various forms). Hebrew will syndicate content from:

  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • YouTube
  • More…

All content appearing on the site will be from black owned and black focused sources. The entertainment section will be based around entertainment news and not necessarily promoting any individual person or product. Some of it will be positive and some won’t.

The Secondary Goal of Hebrew Sphere

By pulling in content from multiple sources onto one platform, it has the potential to bring a lot of eyes to the site. This creates the opportunity for outreach… when people to see content from BHITB and TEOTW Ministries. Here are a few other quick disclaimers:

  • Other religious content will be shown on the site, but a lot less prominently.
  • All articles will link directly to the source that created it.
  • Hebrew Sphere is at it’s core an online magazine.

The Opportunity For Volunteers

The concept of Hebrew Sphere is based on community participation. If you contribute by sharing, submitting links to other sites, pages, blogs, etc… you’ll earn credits that can be used for advertising and other stuff.  That’s for the general public, but volunteers get special benefits without having to earn any credits. Here’s a list of benefits volunteers will get.

  • Free Website – If you need a website, I’ll get you set up on Hebrew Sphere’s secure network free of charge. The site comes with built in SEO to improve search engine ranking.
  • Automated Content Syndication – If you run a blog, website, podcast, or YouTube channel, I’ll add it to our feed so that when you update, your content will be posted to Hebrew and linked directly to you. This means more and more eyes on your content as the site grows.
  • Future Opportunities – As the platform grows and evolves, volunteers will be brought in on new opportunities on a case by case basis. Active volunteers will be the first considered. Past volunteers will be considered next if they want to be. And lastly, opportunities will be presented to the general public if they can’t be filled by volunteers first.

Here’s what Hebrew Sphere needs help with:

  • Forum Moderators – A forum will be going up soon after launch.
  • Social Media Team – We need people to promote the site on social media in groups and on personal pages.
  • Talent Finders – Similar to a music A&R… but we want to find unknown POSITIVE talent from all art forms that deserves an opportunity to be put in front of tens of thousands of people at a time. Talent finders would focus on the following areas to start:
    • Music
    • Educators on YouTube
    • Activists on YouTube
    • Podcasts
    • Artists (drawing, painting, etc)
  • Facilitators – We need people to help set up conversations between Hebrew Sphere and other website / blog / YouTubers / etc. The goal is to work with other black people on the web instead of competing.

I’m still working out a lot, but if you want to be part of something that can be great if we all work together… leave a comment telling me why you want to volunteer and share this post. Right now I’m looking for just 10 volunteers.

More details coming soon…

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