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Christmas Gifts For Patrons and A Lifetime Income Opportunity

I’m going to sending Christmas gifts to anyone that is currently, upgrades, or signs up for the All Access Patron level before 12pm on 12/02/18. I also have a LIFETIME INCOME OPPORTUNITY for one very talented person.

Christmas Gifts

While I don’t personally celebrate Christmas, I do participate in gift giving since I do it pretty much all year for birthdays, special occasions, etc. Gifts will be sent to the following:

  • New All Access Patrons
  • Existing All Access Patrons

After you sign up or upgrade, please message me in Patreon with your full name and address to send your gift to. If you’re already an All Access patron, send me a message with you info. The offer is only good until 12/02/18. Gifts will be mailed on 12/10/18

The Gifts

I won’t tell you what you’re getting, but I will give you a few hints:

  • Both gifts are extremely useful on multiple levels.
  • One gift has NEVER been available in high quality pre-printed format.
  • One gift will not be available to anyone other than All Access patrons until February 2019.

Lifetime Income Opportunity

For months I’ve been stressing the need for black empowerment and for the last few weeks I’ve been talking about using what The Most High has blessed me with to bless others. This brings us to the first of two opportunities that I’m bringing your way this week.

Yesterday I began taking auditions to narrate The Black Hebrew Awakening into an audio book. Everything is being conducted through Audible’s company You will need to sign up on if you want to submit an audition for consideration. Here’s what one very talented person will receive.

  • 50/50 split on all Audio Book sales FOR LIFE.
  • First opportunity to narrate ALL FUTURE non fiction books.
  • Unlimited long term revenue potential.

The deadline for auditions is 12/15/19 and I will be announcing the winner on 01/01/19. If you’ve been blessed with a great reading voice (male or female) click the following pic to shoot your shot. If you know someone that might like the opportunity, please share this post.

Tomorrow’s Opportunity

If you’re thinking that a lifetime income opportunity sounds great, then you’re going to love what’s coming tomorrow. If you aren’t already subscribed to BHITB make sure you drop your email in the box below AND click the confirmation link in the email. You’ll also get the link to a free book in that email, so don’t delete it after you confirm.

  • Tomorrow’s opportunity is open to exactly 100 people.
  • Tomorrow’s opportunity is borderline historic.
  • Tomorrow’s opportunity will create opportunities for our people in the very near future.

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