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More Than Slaves: New Paperback, FREE PDFs, and Other Updates

A little over a month ago I posted about a personal situation that I was dealing with, and things are just now starting to resemble “normal” for the most part. There’s still a lot of stuff to deal with in regards to the situation, so prayers are still appreciated.

More Than Slaves: Paperback and PDF

A while back I published a Kindle book titled, More Than Slaves: The Truth No Black Person Was Ever Meant To Find Out. Recently, Amazon pulled it from sale temporarily, which led me to start converting it to paperback format. If you’ve read it and want the paperback, stay tuned.

The Free PDF

If you have not yet read it and would like to, the PDF version will be available to all current and new All Access Patrons that sign up by Friday.

Building An All Black Platform

A few years back I met with a few locals to discuss the idea of something similar to Chinatown, but for our own people. We decided to build it online and focus on the local community. At the end of everything, there were only two of us left standing (myself and Earnest Monroe Jr.).

  • Three Local Shows: We’re currently producing three shows that cover local black businesses, local black talent, and local new relevant to our community.
  • Local Social Network: Our site (coming soon) is a full social network for locals to keep in touch, do business, and more. It works just like FB, but for our local community.
  • Black Owned Online Businesses: A lot of our people are behind when it comes to online business, so we’ve made it super easy and charge less than $10 to get everything set up. We have an online mall with difference stores all black owned.
  • Community Events: We have an events calendar to show what our people are up to all over the city.

So far we’ve received a ton of support from places we never expected. When we launch in June, we’ll be positioned to be the hub of what’s going on with the black community in Vegas.

With That Said

There are more studies on the way. Thanks for all of the prayers and condolences. It is appreciated.

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  • Did you know that one of the apostles was named Niger, which means "black skin"?
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