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New Paperback Book, 3 Concept Covers, and Votes Needed – Coming November 15, 2018

Last night Facebook got a sneak peek at a concept cover for The Black Hebrew Awakening: The Last 400 Years of Slavery In America. It will be available in Paperback and on Kindle. Take a look at these three covers and vote on which one you like the most.

  • Coming November 15, 2018 (my birthday)

Front Cover Concept #1

The Inspiration

Originally, I wanted something so simple that it would stand out among the thousands of other flashy book covers to choose from. This is the cover everyone on Facebook saw… but it feels too simple to me.

Front Cover Concept #2

The Inspiration

There were actually a couple versions of this cover. The first featured prison bars… rejected. The black brick with white mortar makes it pop more than the flat background while staying true to the simplistic idea.

Front Cover Concept #3

The Inspiration

Believe it or not, this cover embodies everything I want the book to stand for. The audience it’s intended for will automatically know it’s intended for them. The absence of a title and author name will make people want to at least pick it up and look at the back cover to see what the book is about.

Also, there will probably be many people that won’t even pick up the book based on the title alone, so the absence of it on the cover may at least get them to look inside and have their attention captured by something they see or read.

Back Cover Concept

The Inspiration

In my opinion, this cover works best with Concept #3. People naturally look at the back cover after they view the front. A single Bible verse about 400 years of slavery combined with the fist on the cover gives those it’s meant for enough to be curious and open the book. My goal is to create a conversation piece that can lay on a table and yet grab tons of attention without any flashy cover gimmicks or buzz words.

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The Final 400 Years As Slaves In America

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+ See the maps, journal entries, and more to back every claim.
+ Learn why certain subjects are taught while others are avoided.
+ Learn to compare the words of scripture with the doctrines of men.
+ Awaken to the truth of who we are and where we're going



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  • DeShonna

    I really like the 3rd option best. Although the others are nice, but the 3rd cover will catch buyers attention. It has an “I wanna know what this is about” look.

  • Shirley Williams

    Hello Dante, just want to say thank you for all that you do. It is appreciated. I really like the look of #2. It is simple but is an eye catcher that makes a strong statement. When I look at the black brick wall, I see it symbolizing the darkness, the blindness, and the hardship our people had to endure. But as we awaken, I see the wall tumbling down and the light of the truth shinning through. Time is up!

  • Laura Rucker

    Mr. Fortson
    I like cover #3, agree with your reasoning. Want people to be curious and pick book up. Back cover scripture great will prick Christians interest to open book up and look inside. Love Love Love your work, plan to get all your books.

  • Delroy

    Dante, my preference is front cover of book 1. The white mortar that holds the black bricks up should change to maybe gold. White people always believe that they are the ones holding us up. Let it be gold to represent the King of all Kings.


  • King_Kerr

    Dope. Dope. Dope. Feeling this. Quick question, have you considered outlining the fist and circle for the 3rd concept in gold? That’ll give it a regal vibe, which coincide with being His chosen people. Just a thought. Out of these, I’d have to give the 3rd concept the edge over the 2nd one.

    • I have given this some thought and reviewed the fist outlined in a few colors. I actually thought your idea was a very good one, so I do plan to post a few colors including the original black and your gold suggestion up for vote.

      I added you to my list of free book winners for your suggestion. I’ll email you after the book is released to get the address so I can send your free autographed copy of The Black Hebrew Awakening.

      Thanks for the suggestion.

    • King_Kerr

      Thanks a lot my brother. Definitely appreciated. I’m actually in the process of legally formulating my company which is a digital design agency that focuses on web/mobile development, digital marketing, branding, design, analytics & SEO. So in the future if you had any ideas or questions regarding those areas or anything related; don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’ll be happy to help.
      Also, I saw your post regarding opening up the platform for people who wanted to write/contribute. I’ll be reaching out regarding that as I felt compelled to share something.

  • Dr. Catherine Alexander

    Dante I love love love the front cover of book 2. It is professional, cutting edge and so you.

    I also love that back cover. Putting the scripture on it is spot on!!!!! I am joining as a patreon today. You already have my name and email. I will give it to you again. Our website is being designed right now. I will send it to you as soon as it is completed.

    Dr. Catherine Alexander

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