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The All New Network Bible Dictionary and Other Announcements

For the last few weeks I’ve been slowly putting together a Bible dictionary to use across the entire network, but mainly for TASB. Bible dictionaries in traditional study Bibles are often lacking when it comes to images, maps, etc. but mostly because they’re limited by the number of pages that can be packed into a book, price, weight, and more. This Bible dictionary has a couple of purposes.

  1. Make it easier for Bible readers to understand what’s being read, simply by clicking any word linked to the Bible dictionary. They will be taken directly to the word and picture (if applicable). The same concept applies across all sites in the network.
  2. Makes Bible study faster. Simply click a word, read the definition, and click the back button to continue reading. If you’re reading TASB on a tablet or smart phone, you can navigate between scripture and the dictionary with just your thumb (try it and see for yourself).

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Help Improve The Dictionary

Currently, I’m focused on adding 5 – 10 new words per week starting this week, which isn’t a lot short term, but will add up to 180 – 360 additional words by the end of the year. If you would like to help by suggesting words that haven’t been added, please leave a comment on this post or on the Bible dictionary page.

  1. Your suggestions will be moved to the top of the list of words to be added.
  2. Your suggestions will help me catch any words I may have missed.

I want to stress point #1. The purpose of the dictionary is to make studying easier for everyone, so anyone willing to make suggestions will have their suggestions prioritized over whatever words I have planned to be added that week. Please feel free to suggest as many or as few words as you like.

Note: The only words that won’t be added to the dictionary are words that are or will be associated with full studies, such as “the Ark of the Covenant” and “the mark of the beast.”

TASB Is Nearing The Halfway Point

As of today, TASB is just a few chapters away from 50% of the Bible being available. As of right now you can read Genesis – Psalms (the first 20+ chapters). I estimate that the entire Bible should be added by early June or even sooner. Once all of the books have been added, the Chronological Bible tab will be completely filled in and accessible to anyone that wants to read the Bible in Chronological order..

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Downloads and Printables

Last Monday was the official launch of the new downloads and printables store hosted on Etsy. Thanks to everyone that has purchased downloads already and those that will in the future. If you teach Bible study or just hold small family or group Bible studies and need printables, check out some of the following:

More printables are being added weekly. The Mark and Luke Ultimate Bible Cheat Sheets should be available by month end, so make sure you favorite the store and check back weekly to see what’s new. I’ll send updates out from time to time when certain items are added or in announcements like this. If you have any special requests, just leave a comment and let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll see what I can do to get it added ASAP.

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