Ancient Nubians Came in Varying Shades of Skin Complexion

Source: Egyptians see Nubians as subjects (University of Chicago) 2021 A.D.

Note: From the source.

From the source, “These paintings from the tomb of Huy, the Egyptian governor of Nubia during the reign of King Tutankhamun (1336–1327 BC), pictures Nubians bringing tribute for Egypt’s pharaoh. The scene shows a wide variety of Nubians. Some are in Egyptian dress, including a woman riding in a cart. Others, including children, appear in Nubian dress. The skin color of the Nubian men ranges from dark red to brown to black; skin tones for some of the women are lighter.”

This source confirms that during the New Kingdom era of ancient Egypt, Nubians came in varying shades of skin complexion.

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