Phinehas Meant “bronze-colored Nubian”

Source: Proper Names (Biblegateway) 2021 A.D.

From the source, “b. Physical characteristics. These few names seem to divide easily into four categories: (1) color, (2) size, (3) defects and (4) sex. Some examples are: Laban and Libni (white), Zohar (reddish white), Haruz (yellow), Edom (red), Phinehas (bronze-colored Nubian), Hakkatan (small one), Korah and Kareah (baldy), Heresh (dumb), Ikkesh (crooked), Gareb (scabby), Gideon (maimed), Paseah (halting), and Geber (male).”

This source confirms the notion that individuals, including Israelites, were named or nicknamed Phinehas due to their extremely dark-skin color.

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