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For those that want to know about copying, linking to, and citing material found on Black History In The Bible (BHITB).

  1. BHITB does not allow sites to reproduce entire articles from the BHITB website and put them on their websites, blogs, etc., because it has an adverse affect on search engine rankings. Sites found stealing content form this site will be reported to their hosting provider.
  2. You may copy articles and place them in your church bulletins, newsletters, etc. in non electronic format, as long as the full website address ( is included as the source.
  3. Quotations of BHITB articles in books and magazines are allowed (and encouraged) provided the proper documentation is given.
    1. One article may be reproduced for each book and magazine.  Beyond this permission is required from BHITB.
  4. You may copy parts of BHITB articles for use in emails as long as the emails do not end up on websites, and as long as the full website address ( is included as the source.
  5. Fair use laws state that small portions of material may be quoted for documentation purposes, without written permission, but must be unaltered and accompanied by the proper documentation citing the source.

Linking To BHITB

Please do! You do not need permission to link to BHITB. Feel free to link to individual articles or to the main site (

Citing BHITB In Research

  • If you want to automatically cite a website, go to

Contact BHITB by leaving a comment anywhere on this site.


  • But that was an email Not a literary work. As long as Black folks do that kind of stuff, They will never make it in America. Justice Thomas discovered that at an early age.
    I am 87 and I do slip sometimes I did use cite and site incorrectly and you discovered it.In the AD or BC I cited it.
    At least you do not use CE or BCE like most liberals do –White and Black.

    There are only three races from Japeth, Shem, and Ham. Folks get confused on those three sons too.
    I am basically White but I do have some Black DNA–it did not show up in me as much as it did my sister and here daughters..the scarification is different in Blacks. A wound tends to leave scar “welt”. There is a name for it that I cannot think of right now.
    When I was a Manager of Managers years ago, a Human Resources young Black lady came to my office and asked to see my list of employees. I pulled it out and we went over it–I had too many women and too many Black folks. She made several comments and then I showed her that one person was Crow Indian–as in fun I said, “Would you like me to lay some of them off?” She was furious.

    Later I got a call from the VP of HR and he asked me about my hiring policy. He actually laughed at my erstwhile joke.
    I told him that I looked at resumes and did not care what color the person was. I hired one Black guy sight unseen. He was so good that I sent him from Los Angeles to Omaha, NE to be our Site manager at SAC Headquarters. Hew stayed back there for several years, he loved Omaha.

    • You clearly are lost. We aren’t trying to get ahead in a white world. We’re planning to call back Christ and let him deal with this nonsense. Black people don’t get ahead because we’re under a 400 year curse. Clearly you either didn’t read or don’t comprehend what is taught on this site.

      What do liberals have to do with anything at all? Please don’t tell me you ascribe to that nonsense liberal vs conservative mentality… as if both of the parties aren’t Satan’s pet project.

    • I know “proper” white people speak. I choose to ignore it. I don’t need you or any other person to teach me anything about how to use language. Straight A’s and B’s in English.

      Like I said… learn the difference between “site” and “cite” before you call yourself correcting someone. Until then, keep it to yourself. I’ll speak and write however I want. You let white people tell you how you’re supposed to speak and write like a good little boy.

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