Sub-Saharan Ancestry Related to Phoenicians

Source: Ancient mitogenomes of Phoenicians from Sardinia and Lebanon: A story of settlement, integration, and female mobility (PLOS) 2018 A.D.

From the source, “The proposed Phoenician lineages, W5, N1b1a5 and X2b are not found in Sardinians today, suggesting rare introductions, of the nature of single individuals rather than as representative of major colonizing groups. We suggest that N1b1a5 could be an introduction from Carthage or some other North African location within the Phoenician network. It is therefore interesting that Chiang et al. [63] do find evidence in the whole-genome data of a small degree of what they suggest may be either sub-Saharan ancestry or North African ancestry prior to the Arab expansions, which they indicate could indeed be related to Phoenician contact.”

This source potentially points to the black presence amongst the Phoenicians.

By Black History In The Bible

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