Thursday, September 24"And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not."

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    Hi Judah,
    Thank you for your testimony. I find this interesting too, even as a gentile.
    I came across Pastor Dowell on Youtube, knowing nothing about him except he was teaching that the blacks are true Israel.
    My first impression was not shock or disbelief, as I had already been in the most intensive truth seeking phase of my life, despite being born again 30 years ago.
    I had questions such as “Why are there no hebrew speaking blacks?” And, “Why don’t blacks have any records of their ancestry?”
    I was not skeptical or critical, these were sincere, honest questions I had and was perfectly willing to believe if they were answered. Nobody connected the dots for me about just how crucial it is to know who Israel is, so at the time, around 2015, I put it aside, being mostly convinced despite my unanswered questions.
    Not long passed before God brought this to my attention again, less than a year later I was confronted by it on Truthunveiled’s Youtube channel, where he did more in depth teaching than I had thus far received. I started to see a glimmer of just how important this issue is, and then decided to make it my next serious topic of study.
    That’s when I scoured through the Black Hebrew teachers online, knowing from past experience with other issues I would have to sift through some wolves and false teachers to find the wheat. I found TEOTW and soon after Dante Fortes and knew they were ministers of the truth in good conscience.
    Within little time I knew I was onto the most important topic I have ever studied, for many reasons. I already knew about the Satanic secret societies and how they hide the truth, and this issue was their masterpiece, the foundation of all their lies.
    Now, prophecy makes sense, the Old testament makes much more sense, and I feel as if God has rewarded me greatly for seeking the truth.