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    Hi Shaq,
    I too was taken down a very hard, painful road prior to and during my awakening. Yah had to fully get my attention and yank me from my world so He would have my full and undivided attention before the lessons started.
    I too lost my friends, some family, and all my church family. And that was BEFORE i woke up! I was already crying out to God for understanding and didn’t know what I needed but I was realizing that there was something desperately, deeply wrong with this world and the church.
    I could not relate to the fast asleep masses anymore, and it was getting uncomfortable for them, and me.
    God had to get me out of there, which was not pleasant, but looking back, He did it as painlessly as could be done given the circumstances and what needed to be done.
    Then my lessons began, and after a few years I thought I had really woken up. Stuff like secret societies, wolves completely infiltrating the churches, etc.
    That’s when God determined I was ready for the really big wake up call, discovering who Israel is.
    And I thought I had done alot of research up til then….it had barely begun. But I am eternally grateful and exceedingly joyful for I have found truth, I have found true faith, and a family I can actually relate to.
    I am home.