Thursday, September 24"And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not."

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    Awesome question. I came into the truth and the first person I started telling this information to was my wife. Now my wife, is half white and half Arab, so I was really curious to see what her reaction was. She has always known that the images we have of Jesus was not accurate, but it took her a while to come around to him being black along with the rest of Israel. She supported has supported me on my journey by giving me space to study and asking questions to see how everything was going. Over time, i believe she has come to realize that this information is factual. She still attends our old church, but I can’t bring myself to go for the fact that I know they have no idea who the true people of the Bible are and I would find myself sitting through each sermon listening to how off they are when reading scripture. Even my kids would come home with these sheets from Sunday school and all of these images of white characters in the Bible and it would drive me crazy. So, I do what I am supposed to do and teach them myself. My thought was if my pastor, who is supposed to know the Bible and teach the Bible can’t study scripture and see who Israel is and I can then that is a problem. Either he truly doesn’t know and shouldn’t be teaching or he knows and chooses to ignore the truth.

    My sister, aunts, cousins, friends, etc don’t seem to care. When I came into the truth I would send all kinds of information and they didn’t care. I think coming into the truth you believe that this information would be something that any black person would kill to hear, but that is not always the case. My cousin told me, “Man, I don’t care if you tell me I’m Korean.” At that point I realized that this meme which i saw, that said something along the lines of “not everybody was selected by The Most High to wake up” was true. My aunt is coming around, but she was also trying to convince me to get on a phone call with some people pushing the Moor doctrine at one point. I bought her the Into Egypt Again with Ships book and I think that helped a little, but who knows. The rest of my family is to caught up in what they have going on to even care. Same thing with my friends, they are all living life and not worrying about a thing. Which i assume is how it is supposed to be. Not everyone will wake up, some wont want to leave this place.

    I have gotten to the point now, that i will tell people what i know when they ask and most of the time when i see an opening. All we can do is tell them and let them decide which pill they want to swallow.