Friday, September 18"And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not."

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    I agree, great question. I’d first learned about being the chosen almost 10 years ago when some family members and I decided to leave our traditional home church. After being led astray I left that church as well for my own reasons. I didn’t fully awake until 2018 since then I’ve shared with my mother who knows but only the surface. I believe deep down we all know but through the deceptive programming we’ve experienced since birth it’s hard to believe. Many replies are “That’s good”, and people go on about their lives as if nothing stated matters. But as I look around day to day I too realize that not everyone will wake up. So my prayer is that the will of the Father is done which in so everyone who needs to wake will wake. I study and gather information so that when the opening comes I can have my facts together.