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Terence Jackson
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    Again, I’m going to point out that Solomon is likely speaking in parable and anthropomorphizing wisdom. If he’s not speaking in parable then he is speaking of a created being and that being was given a name which would be wisdom (lowercase). If Solomon meant The Holy Spirit, then he would have used that name.

    We don’t know when TMH created the Angels or any other spirits. Just because Solomon called out wisdom and understanding as named entities, doesn’t mean that those are the only female entities.

    Moreover, wisdom states that she was there during the creation of the earth. She didn’t say she was the only entity outside of TMH.

    In Genesis, there was The Spirit of God in Genesis 1:2 and that was mentioned only that one time. After that, it was God. IMO, that is scripture telling us that while the Earth was void, that meant it was not yet a physical realm. Since it wasn’t a physical realm, the Spirit of God was there. Once the Earth became physical, scripture then deferred to calling him God because he had a physical form.