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Terence Jackson
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    You are using scripture to fit your needs. You just read a scripture that says do not blaspheme the Holy Spirit and your response is you’ll do it anyway because God knows your heart and that you are looking for answers. At the same time you say you are planting seeds. You are doing all of this while you are modifying your doctrine. Why would you plant the seed stating that wisdom is the Holy Spirit and then later say “I have another possibility now”? Your heart is willing to sew confusion and God knows it. So you shouldn’t be so comfortable with blaspheme especially if it’s never forgiven.

    I have answered your question multiple times on how Mary was with child of the Holy Spirit. I’ll answer it again if you can answer this question:

    If one’s body dies and they are deserving to make it into the Kingdom of Heaven, how will they make it there without their body?