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    I have not found a church. I haven’t gone to one in over a year (my parents would be horrified, Yah bless them). It’s hard to find a church these days! As far as celebration of Passover, Unlearn the Lies channel on YouTube was where I got a small booklet about celebration preparations. It also has a recipe for unleavened bread. This particular channel opened my eyes to the lies we were taught from a tradition perspective. The founder’s name is Lex Myer. He definitely has not recognized the lies Dante is helping us to see, but I think if Lex heard Dante’s discoveries, it would be a good thing. But Lex offers a lot of insight in other areas. Now, what I need to find out is if the Passover celebration itself has been “white washed” in anyway? But I make the bread, enough for the supper and for the week, since the Feast of Unlevened bread comes right after Passover. I have 3 pieces of bread for dinner, one is covered in a white linen. For dinner I make fish, salmon. I set the table nicely, and do the Seder. My kids look forward to it. I think if you either search for Lex Myer on Amazon, or even search Unlearn the Lies on the internet you may be able to find this booklet for free from his website.