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    Well the Hebrew language is very gendered in its grammar, so to speak, the word “ruache” being one of them, which the lexicon clearly explains could either be feminine or masculine in reference. The noun may or may not be feminine, but that doesn’t mean the thing its referring to has “feminine” characteristics. It could be referring to wind, or a spirit, and when it comes to a spirit, it depends on whose spirit its referring to. If the book says the Pharaoh’s spirit was troubled (Genesis 41:8), who is a man, then obviously its not referring to a “feminine” characteristic. Are the holy spirit and God one and the same being? Where did you get this idea that the holy spirit is a “being” to begin with? As I clearly explained before, the holy spirit is not a “being”, it is the power emanating from God serving as his “eyes”, which allows him to see all, know all, and be everywhere present.

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