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michael Kanada truthonly
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    Hi, Michael
    You can only discover who you are by the spirit. The black Hebrew awakening is a spiritual end time prophecy fulfilling scenario and only the sheep will hear his voice and obey. There are Bantus who don’t believe that they are the chosen of Yah. There are Yorubas, Ibos and many other hidden tribe who don’t want to believe they are the people of the book. Above all there are Many African Americans Hebrew Israelites who cannot fathom and definitely do not agree that they are the apple of Yah’s eyes. So my beloved friend, do not despair that many among the gentiles cannot see who the people of the MH are. It is a spiritual movement that is spearheaded by Yah himself and it will gather momentum until all of Yah’s children have come to this revelation.Did Yahushua not say that my sheep will hear my voice and they will obey? The trumpet right now is blowing. The clarion call is going on and the people that have been scattered and those that will cling unto them shall return unto ZION for the road of power will proceed from mount ZION. Amen!