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    If we examine the scriptures closely, we will notice that there was a time that TMH (The Most High) allowed his people to have more than one wife. In fact, the nation of Israel was built on this premise. The Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob all had multiple wives.

    However, Israelite men started to abuse the institution of marriage by divorcing their wives for trivial reasons.Christ explains,

    Matt 19:8 He said to them: “Moses, out of regard for YOUR hardheartedness, made the concession to YOU of divorcing YOUR wives…

    However, Christ adds,

    Mat 19:8 … but such has not been the case from [the] beginning.

    In other words, multiple wives were never TMH permanent purpose when it comes to marriage. He allowed it, possibly to increase the population rate at a faster pace but by the arrival of Christ, the “One man to One woman” rule would be resumed.

    MatT 19:5 and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and his mother and will stick to his wife, and the TWO WILL BE ONE FLESH

    Therefore, in the Kingdom (Israel) only one man to one wife will be acceptable.

    Many Israelite men and some women, DO NOT recognize Christ as Israel’s saviour nor accept the New Testament as inspired writings.This is why the “multiple wives” doctrine is so appealing since Christ has put a ban on such activity.

    Sisters, have no fear, you will not be a sister wife, this is contrary to the teachings of Christ, who is God’s means of salvation for you. He has been endowed with full power to rule over the Israelites.

    Dan 7:13,14  As I continued to watch the vision that night, I saw what looked like a SON OF MAN coming with the clouds of heaven, and he was presented to the Eternal God. 
    He was CROWNED KING AND GIVEN POWER AND GLORY, so that ALL PEOPLE of every nation and race would SERVE HIM. He will rule forever, and his kingdom is eternal, never to be destroyed.

    Christ (Yashua) confirmed this event post-resurrection when he told his disciples,

    Matt 28:18  Jesus came to them and said: I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth!  


    Undoubtedly, there has been an ongoing “war” between black men and women for a long time. Slavery has played it’s part, the oppression of women as well as Feminism, all of which has brought us to this point.

    Having understood their true identity, many of the “Law, Statutes, Commandments (LSC) Hebrews are happy that they can exert power over the female once again, hence their misunderstanding of marriage.

    When Christ brings us back to the Kingdom, the roles of males and females will be re-calibrated to the Biblical order. There will be no oppression of women and their skills/talents. Equally, there will be no Feminism and “I don’t need no man” ideology. As an example of this coming reality, TMh has decreed that women will make up the 144,000 kings alongside the men.

    TMH values women and understands them and their needs since he is their creator. He will use women to play a great part in the upcoming preaching work that he has in store for them.

    Psa 68:11 …The women telling the good news are a large army.