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In order to fully address many of the questions that I receive on a regular basis, I decided to add this page. It’ll be updated over time, so be sure to check back on occasion.

Are your websites associated with any BHI camps?

No. None of the websites in the network have any association with any BHI camp.

Why do you believe that the Hebrews were black people?

There is ample evidence to support the belief that the Hebrews were indeed a dark skinned people. If we just read the Bible at face value, and then reference a map, we know that the Hebrews traveled back and forth to Africa, and even took African wives and husbands. For more information on why I believe that the Hebrews were dark skinned people, please see the following articles:

Does skin color determine salvation?

No. Anyone can be saved based solely on the grace of Christ, regardless of skin color.

Why does skin color matter?

Many people would like to make the claim that it doesn’t, but people of color know that it does. Skin color has been used to justify slavery, murder, and other forms of oppression, including segregation, Jim Crow, and outright murder of black people by law enforcement. More importantly, skin color has been used to suppress Biblical truth. Any time we see a picture of a European Jesus, that is an attempt to hide the truth. Jesus was not European or white skinned.

The images of Christ and the Hebrews were changed to hide the truth, and that is why skin color is the focus of much of this site. It is for no other reason than to show who the people were that the Bible is based around. The true Hebrews mentioned in the Bible were and still are people of color.

Does the Bible reference skin color?

Yes it does. Many people like to make the claim that it doesn’t, but that’s false. If you’re not familiar with skin color references in the Bible, please read the following articles here on this site:

How are your teachings different from the Black Hebrew Israelite Camps?

In order to accurately answer this question, I’ve put together the following list of what I teach and believe. This list will be updated from time to time, and is subject to change. This list DOES NOT represent the beliefs of all camps. Each camp has their own sets of doctrines and teachings. Please feel free to check back on occasion:

  • I do not preach hatred for any race.
  • I do not teach racial superiority or inferiority of any kind.
  • I believe in separation of religion and not race.
  • I believe that the Bible is the final word on matters of scripture.
  • I believe that Christ is the savior of all, and anyone can be saved regardless of skin color.


  • Minister Fortson, I agree that depicting Jesus in any false is deception/self-deception. You state that it is also blasphemy. Blasphemy, as you know, is a strong word. There are many Christians (Black, White, other races) who retain this description, if not in their art than still in their heart. Is their salvation at risk? even if they are only ignorant followers? I know some such people, and I’m concerned for them.

    • Thanks for writing. Think of it this way. If someone is deceived into believing that a cow can lead to salvation, it’s no different than believing that a false image can lead to salvation. Deception is deception and there are no loopholes. That’s why only a remnant are saved while the rest of the world are deceived. To my knowledge most people don’t follow something they know to be a lie. They follow what they think is truth, but is really a lie.

      • So if one goes to their death never having had to opportunity to learn THE TRUTH that Jesus IS NOT how they imagine Him, are they lost and bound for hell?

        • That’s why its called deception. Why wouldn’t someone believing in a false image, which means they believe the lie of a white Israel, which is connected to all sorts of other lies, be in danger? If their entire concept of scripture is based on lie after lie, how could they truly be Christian?

          Many people outright refuse to believe the truth when it’s presented, and instead cling to the false image. How would they be any different than the person that believes the lie based on deception? Both believe in a false white idol and a false Biblical narrative created by Europeans.

          The truth sets us free… not a lie.

  • I believe the Hebrews both now and then we’re people of color ( “black” or negro). I’ve seen these images or replicas of Egyptian hieroglyphics about the race at mankind. One thing I know for sure they got the Egyptian image right but what about the Semites? In these two links the semite in image “d” looks similar to the figure that’s depicted as “Yellow” :
    What color would the real Libyans be? According to one of the images they’re white.
    These links are only for the images themselves. I didn’t know how to pull the images any other way. I used google Chrome on my phone to view and copy so I dont know how it will view on any other device.

    Another question: I can agree with you on that White or Europeans are albino but I was wondering what about the Neanderthal dna that Europeans have? How does that fit in? Or could that be a lie, I don’t like trusting the mainstream science? I heard a comment from someone who has been doing some research that the Neanderthal dna that is claimed by scientists to exist in humans( particularly in Europeans ) is false information.
    Thank you

  • Hello Minister Fortson. I’ve learned a lot from visiting your website BHITB and also purchased a few of your books online. I was reading one of your articles regarding female angels (there very well could be female angels, I don’t know). So I got to thinking after reading it. If there are female angels as well as male, when the fallen angels sinned against God, why didn’t they just simply seduce their female counterparts instead of human women. Also wouldn’t the female angels (if some of them had fallen as well) have followed suit and seduced human men? Just curious as to what your take would be on that. Thanks for your time and keep up the great work. God bless.

    • Black History In The Bible -

      Thanks for the response. There are actually quite a few stories of female supernatural beings seducing and raping men. As far as why angels didn’t go after female angels (if there are female angels), was likely due to the forbidden fruit aspect of it. We want what we can’t or shouldn’t have. Eve went after the forbidden fruit because she was told not to. Angels likely just wanted human woman and not just sex in general. Some of the text says they went after animals too.

    • Black History In The Bible -

      Sorry, I don’t do book reviews or critiques. A lot of people ask and it takes up way too much of my time.

  • Thank you very much for creating your website. I know that you work hard at researching and putting it all together. Please continue.

    • Black History In The Bible -

      Thanks for taking time to write words of encouragement. There’s definitely a lot more to come.

  • The link to receive the free book does not work. I tried several times to no avail. I received no confirmation
    email. Thank you

    • Black History In The Bible -

      If you didn’t get the confirmation email, I’m not sure why you’re saying the link to the free book doesn’t work. The only way to get the link is in the email. The link is working fine. I only see one sign up from your email address and no confirmation. You may want to try again.

  • I’m caucasian (like noah?) so, am I still cursed even though I am a Born Again Christian?
    Also, please explain this…
    Galatians 3: 26-29
    For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.
    For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ.
    There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.
    And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.

    So, at the end of it all there will be NO color, right?

    • Black History In The Bible -

      What does your question have to do with anything I teach on this site? I don’t teach that white people are cursed. And yes there will be color. Christ still had color after the resurrection. Adoption and being grafted in doesn’t change who you are. The verse says nothing of color or gender or anything else you want to add that isn’t mentioned.

  • Hello
    I believe the so called negroes in America and/ or the descendants of the trans Atlantic slave trade are apart of the 12 tribes of israel. The curses mentioned in Deuteronomy 28 states they will return to Egypt in ships. Many believe this refers to spiritual Egypt but I found a link about how the Israelites did go to actual Egypt again and also on ships.

    I, of course, want to be firm in the truth of the so called negroes being apart of the 12 tribes. With this new information it does give me some doubts. If you can please check out the link and read what the historians have to say. There are references given. And what you think on whether this applies to the curses mentioned in Deuteronomy 28 can you email me back, please? Thank you!

  • Some of the things you’re speaking I have already thought about and studied since I can remember with NO HELP from pastors because they just couldn’t answer my questions. However, some things you speak of I can’t see being completely true. Not saying you’re lying just saying I don’t believe it is the way you are presenting it. I will study on these things and come back.
    You said you don’t teach superiority of any race over another but you do. You say God put black people superior to white people and and white people won’t bow down to a black christ ( I do t beleive christ is any color since he existed before the earth was even formed and therefore is spirit just as God is and his skin color was determined by the the people he was born to. No I don’t believe he was white. I believe he was dark hair and dark skin.)
    I don’t u understand where the idea that black people are the cursed ones because they’re black come from as I’ve never heard that and my grandfather was a preacher. So you’ll forgive me if I don’t understand your references to that.
    If EVERYONE came from Noah (as the bible says) after the flood then EVERYONE was the same skin color so when did skin color change? Could it be because as they move further from the equator their skin, over time and generations lost the need for pigmentation?
    Yes I’m white and I don’t hold to any doctrine that teaches anyone is cursed based on skin color.
    I would like to converse with you though. I have some question that you may be able to help with since you’ve already talked about a few things that have nagged at me since forever.
    One thing is a some dreams I’ve had. One of them is me in a vill6in Africa and it vegans to storm. These people (I don’t see them) come to raid the village and I take all these children out the back of the hut (I’m caring for all of them and all of them are black) and I’m trying to get them away from the raiders while at the same time keeping them safe from the storm. One is actually sitting on my belly as I’m raised up on my feet and hands keeping the child out of the muddy and flooding rain and walking like a crab to the tree line while keeping an eye out for the people who came to raid and kill them.
    I haven’t been able to figure that one out. I’ve never been a missionary and I’ve never been to Africa. There more details but I didn’t want to go into all of them on here. There’s also more dreams. Any way no one seems to be able to help me out with that dream or others in all these years. Maybe you have an idea.

    • Black History In The Bible -


      Thanks for leaving a comment. I’ll answer your questions one by one.

      1. What specifically do you believe is not true?

      2. I don’t teach racial superiority. The Bible does teach it though. Here are the verses you can read for yourself and see. It clearly states that Hebrews are above all people on earth. I didn’t create or write it. I only point out scripture.

      “Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine:” – Exodus 19:5

      “For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God: the LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.” – Deuteronomy 7:6

      “Only the LORD had a delight in thy fathers to love them, and he chose their seed after them, even you above all people, as it is this day.” – Deuteronomy 10:15

      I don’t teach anything as Biblical that isn’t found in the Bible.

      3. Your belief that Christ doesn’t have a color is false according to the Bible. Daniel described him as having arms and legs the color of burned bronze (Daniel 10:6). John described him in Revelation as having feet the color of burned bronze (Revelation 1:5). Here is a picture of burned bronze… which means he definitely chose a color and that color is the same color as black people today. Jesus was black.

      Describing him in any other way than what the Bible describes him as is false… self deception… and blasphemy. Christ definitely had a color in the Old Testament and in the New. Unfortunately, many believers refuse to describe his color exactly like its found in scripture… burned bronze. Instead they come up with their own doctrine of no color, Middle Eastern, olive, brown but not black, and every other dance around on the planet. It’s simple… describe his color as it reads in the Bible and case closed.

      4. When the Hebrews hid their sacred books in Qumran, one of the books they hid was the book of Enoch. According to that book the children of fallen angels (nephilim) were white. When Noah was born, Lamech thought he was the offspring of an angel because he came out albino. According to the book, no other human on earth had white skin… other than Noah. The rest were considered non-human angel hybrid offspring. Here’s the full research I’ve done on it so far.

      The Book of Enoch: Black Adam, Albino Noah, and The Image of God

      If you’ve been listening to European pastors, most of this stuff they avoid even though may will quote from Enoch and teach that Ham had black descendants. We all know that a Caucasian people giving birth to black children is absurd. So they explain it away by claiming that it was a curse that turned our skin black to identify who was cursed and who was not. A lot of these false teachings come from Christian Identity and Arnold Murray at Shepherd’s Chapel. Mormonism teaches it too but in a slightly different way, going as far as to say all black people are servants of Satan that rebelled against God.

      However, when we read the Bible we find the opposite to be true. White skin is actually presented as a curse and a sign. Miriam was turned white for a week because God was angry at her. Jehazi and his family were cursed to be “white as snow” forever.

      “The leprosy therefore of Naaman shall cleave unto thee, and unto thy seed for ever. And he went out from his presence a leper as white as snow.” – 2 Kings 5:27

      One problem with how Europeans teach leprosy in the Bible is due to much of it being out of context. The word “leprosy” was used to describe several skin conditions, one of which was albinism. The other is vitiligo. We know this based on the laws concerning the flesh turning white. There was clean leprosy (albinism and vitiligo) and unclean leprosy (contagious skin conditions).

      We see the same concept used when Moses confronted Pharaoh… God turned his arm white. Turning white people whiter isn’t a miracle. Turning a black person’s black skin into white skin instantly is huge though… also considering that they were in Africa and mixing with Africans, it makes perfect sense to use as a sign. No other deity we know of was changing people’s skin color as a sign.

      5. As far as dreams, unfortunately I don’t interpret dreams and I can’t recommend anyone in that area either.

      • Liar, you most certainly do teach racial superiority. Teaching White people are non-human, that White people are of Satan, that White people are the result of genetic diseases, that White people are cursed. Coming right out and saying Whites are inferior to Blacks.

        • 1. I don’t teach that white people aren’t human. Get your facts straight.

          2. I do not teach that white people are of Satan. I posted verses directly from the Book of Enoch. The same book of Enoch that Chuck Missler, LA Marzulli, Steve Quayle, and others refer to. If they don’t like what it says, maybe they shouldn’t use it as a valid source of research. If you have a problem with me pointing out books that are thousands of years old, take it up with the writer, not me.

          3. I don’t teach that white people are the result of genetic disease. Again, get your facts straight.

          4. I teach that white people are the Gentiles and they are according to scripture. Somebody has to be the Gentiles… regardless of race. White people have been lying and teaching that everyone else is a Gentile, so I’m wondering if its racist when they teach it?

          5. The Bible says Israel is above all others. If you believe the Bible is the word of God, then take it up with him. I didn’t write it. I only point out what the book says.

          6. Get lost and don’t read a site full of truth if you don’t like what it says. It’s that simple.

  • Laura, you stated, “I am white and I can’t see one reference in the Bible to anyone being white.”

    Oh, but there is a reference in the Bible of someone being white… a specific group of people, to be exact. They were cursed with white skin because of their forefather, Gehazi, the servant of Elisha. He lied to get what he wanted and received from Naaman things that were not his nor did these things belong to him.

    “The leprosy therefore of Naaman shall cleave unto thee, and unto thy seed for ever . And he went out from his presence a leper as white as snow.” (2 Kings 5:27)

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