The Word “Melas” and “Kyanos” Was Used Interchangeably For Both Egyptians and Ethiopians in the Hesiod

Source: Hesiod’s Theogony (Oxford University Press) 1978 A.D.

Note: Page 292 of the source.

Dr. Martin West (the author of the Hesiod Works source) is regarded as being the most brilliant scholar in regards to Greek translations in his generation, so the fact that he said both Ethiopians and Egyptians were kyaneos or kyanoi (dark) tells you everything you need to know about how the Ethiopians and Egyptian both looked in the eyes of the early Greeks. These were both groups of black peoples of varying shades of brown and black hues and hair textures. Kyaneos and melas were used interchangeably to describe dark or black peoples like Egyptians and Ethiopians.

Elsewhere on this website, we have noted various different ways in which ancient Greeks could have known of various African peoples long before the Classical era begun. I believe there is truth to many myths (I look at history through a euhemeristic view), so somehow individuals like Hesiod knew of various African peoples and how they looked long before Herodotus started writing history. I believe individuals like Orpheus and Musaeus possibly travelled ancient Egypt long before the likes of Herodotus did. Also, if one accepts that the likes of Memnon, Ethiopians, and people from Susa did indeed participate in defending Troy, that is another way in which early Greeks had some sort of idea of how people from Africa looked.

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