Ephorus Says the Tartessians Reported that Ethiopians Overran Libya and Some of them Stayed in Dyris (Atlas Mt.)

Source: Strabo Geography Book 1 Chapter 2 (End) (Chicago University) 7 B.C.

From the Strabo source, “Ephorus says the Tartessians report that Ethiopians overran Libya as far as Dyris,​80 and that some of them stayed in Dyris, while others occupied a great part of the sea-board; and he conjectures it was from this circumstance that Homer spoke as he did: “Ethiopians that are sundered in twain, the farthermost of men.

80 The barbarian name for the Atlas mountains. See 17.3.2.

These sources confirm that it black peoples were indeed a key part of the northern regions of Africa, specifically the Atlas Mountains in this study.

By Black History In The Bible

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