Greeks and Romans Did Not Make a Clear Distinction Between Egyptians and Ethiopians

Source: Black Athena Writes Back Martin Bernal Responds to His Critics (Duke University Press) 2001 A.D.

Note: Page 66 of the source.

Note: Page 66 of the source.

I believe this source is crucial for understanding how the brilliant Professor Frank M. Snowden had a hard time considering ancient Egypt, at its core, to be a black civilization. Professor Frank M. Snowden at times contradicted himself because he did acknowledge the blackness of ancient Egyptians at times but other times he neglected to do do. This source provides commentary that Professor Frank M. Snowden was being way to limited, most of the times, in his definition of ancient blackness. Sense Professor Frank M. Snowden was primarily looking at West Africans (West African peoples come in many shapes, hair textures, and shades of skin pigmentation, as well) as the baseline of ancient blackness, he mostly overlooked (there were a few times he didn’t) the more broad range of blackness that existed in the ancient world. Ethiopians, Egyptians, Jews, Colchians, Moors, and Indians were all considered to be black peoples in Greco-Roman thought as we have proven throughout numerous different sources on this website. There were straight-haired ancient black people (e.g. Dravidians/Indians) and woolly haired black people (e.g. Egyptians, Ethiopians, and Colchians).

Ancient blackness was extremely broad and I believe this source confirms that Professor Frank M. Snowden was too limited at times in terms of defining blackness. This is why in Dr. Diop’s work regarding ancient African civilizations in association with UNESCO, he right off the back stated that ancient Egypt was comprised of both straight-haired black people (e.g. Somalis) and woolly-haired black people.

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