In 1814 A.D. , it was Noted that the Language of the Jews, Greeks, and Romans Could Be Found in the Congo

Source: A general collection of … voyages and travels, digested by J. Pinkerton, Volume 16 (Oxford University) 1814 A.D.

hebrew, greek, and latin
Note: Page 590 of the source.

Note: Page 592 to 593 of the source.

Note: Page 593 of the source.

The fact that Hebrew, Greek, and Latin connections all show potentially show the migration of Shemitic and Hamitic peoples from Arabia all the way to the Congo and other places in Africa. Remember, Israelites spoke Greek and Latin, at least those who lived amongst the Greeks and Romans, so it makes sense why we find those languages in Africa because this is potentially where Israelites fled to.

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