In 1665 A.D. A Portuguese Jew in Jamaica was Called A “Black Jew”

Source: Fascinating ‘Malata Jue’ Story in Marcus’ New York  (The Detroit Jewish News) 1969 A.D.

Portuguese Jew, 1665, Jamaica,

This newspaper story tells of a Jew from 1668 America. Solomon was listed as a “malata Jue“. The source tells us that the Englishmen of that time period thought the Jews were dark-skinned. The source then tells us in 1665 that a “respectable Portuguese Jew” in Jamaica was called “a black Jew“. The source tells us that F.L. Cardozo, a famous Jew in America during the Civil War time frame, was of Negro descent. The source also tells us that the term “mulatto” was occasionally applied to Spanish-Portuguese Jews.

By Truth Ministries

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