Judaism is Much More African Than Generally Supposed

Source: Descriptive Ethnology: Europe, Africa, India (J. van Voorst) 1859 A.D.

Note: Page 180 of the source.

This source confirms yet again that people for centuries have been baffled by the Judaic customs spread all throughout Africa. Robert Gordon Latham believes “Judaism itself” is “much more African than” generally accepted. His belief is backed up by hundreds of Scriptural and historical remarks, many of which have been documented on this website.

Hebrewisms are all over Africa because Shemitic-Hamitic peoples are potentially all over Africa.

This source also supports our stance as to why we focus so much on identifying the various Judeo-Hebraic customs (both those that are godly and ungodly) that were practiced by the ancient Israelites. This is important because in my opinion the spirit of a people never change so what ancient Israelites did thousands of years ago, they should still be doing as various Scriptures point to. In my opinion, this train of thought leads to Africa.

By Truth Ministries

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