Ta Seti in Nubia is Older Than Egypt

Source: The Meaning of KMT (Ancient Egyptian) History for Contemporary African American Experience (Clark Atlanta University) 1992 A.D.

Note: Page 13 of The Meaning of KMT source.

Note: Page 18 of the source.

Note: Page 18 of the source.

I don’t agree with point 6 made in on page 13 of this source, but I do agree with the points made regarding: Ta-Seti being older than Egypt and Egypt is culturally unified to the rest of the African continent. The facts that Dr. Hillard brings up regarding ancient Africa and Greece bring a simple yet profound perspective that brings the “Ancient Model” introduced by Dr. Bernal into plain, plausible understanding.

Here Are Some Additional Thoughts and A Fact To Consider If Africa Influenced Greece

  1. Do you believe what ancient historians and peoples stated? Do you believe we present day human beings are “better” or “smarter” than ancient peoples?
  2. Do you believe the Mediterranean world was possibly more interconnected than before the Late Bronze Age Collapse or do you think man’s sense of exploration and discovery has only recently developed thus it is impossible for the Mediterranean world to have been intricately connected?
  3. Do you value what the the people or culture you are studying value? Meaning, if the people you are studying put stock on oral traditions but you prefer written works, are you willing to put aside your personal bias to understand another people or culture through their own standards?
  4. Ancient Greco-Roman historians knew nations like Ethiopia were older than their own and thus they admired aspects of them. Do you believe Greco-Roman historians.
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