Nicolas Heale was a Sephardic Jew who was Dark Enough to have Descendants Listed as Free People of Color

Source: Jews and Muslims in British Colonial America. A Genealogical History (McFarland and Company Inc., Publishers) 2012 A.D.

Note: Page 53 of the source.

Note: Page 54 of the source.

Note: Page 114 of the source.

Note Page 265 of the source.

This source provides details on a Sephardic Jew during the colonial time period in the New World who was so dark that he had descendants who were classified as free persons of color several generations later.

This source potentially points to other dark skinned individuals who may have been “black” and/or “mixed” in our modern vernacular or they could have been “white” with darker hues seen amongst different southern Europeans. However, it has been noted on this website that southern Europeans have strains of “sub-Saharan” African DNA in them, as well.

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