The Ancient City of Carthage had a Majority of “African” and “Negro” Types

Source: Ancient African Christianity: An Introduction to a Unique Context and Tradition (Routledge) 2017 A.D.

Note: Page 64 of the source.

Note: Page 65 of the source.

Note: Page 68 to 69 of the source.

Note: Page 76 of the source.

Note: Page 76 to 77 of the source.

This source confirms several things: in Roman Africa the goddess “Afra” was depicted with dreadlocks and other negroid features, the Cyrenaeans depicted themselves and Romans with “Libyan features” (the ancient northern regions west of the Nile were often designated as Libya, which means the Cyreneans and the Romans living in their region looked like Africans not Germanic or Latin peoples), the ancient city of Carthage had a majority of “African” or “Negro” types (bear in mind crania analysis should be confirmed with historical analysis), and scholars have noted the African Roman Emperor Septimus Severus was noticeably darker than his “Eastern” wife.

By Truth Ministries

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