The 12th Century A.D. Caithreim Cellachain Caisil States that Saracens were Black Men

Source: Caithreim Cellachain Caisil (J. C. Gundersens bogtrykkeri) 1905 A.D.

Note: Page 141 of the source.

This source confirms that the Icelandic Sagas used the words “Mauri”, “black men”, “Mauritani”, and “Saracen” interchangeably. This reinforces the idea that all of these words at one point were used to describe black people in the early era of the Middle Ages. This source tells us that the Saracen were brought as captives to Ireland and they served in the Norse armies there. This source tells us that the Saracen was known as beserks who were elite warriors.

This source is important because it can be argued that Mauri/Moors and Jews shared a similar racial continuum.

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