The First People Were Black | Adam, Shem, Ham, and Japheth

Source: Light and Truth (Library of CongressBoston, Pub. by a committee of colored gentlemen, B.F Roberts, printer) 1844 A.D. – pg. 10-19

The First People Were Black - Light & Truth page 10

Page 10, “The word Adam derived as follows: Adam, Adamah, Adami, Adamh – which means earthly. The earth is a rich, dark substance, and from it our first parents were taken. Now if we admit that Dr. Brown’s and other Bible Dictionaries are correct in their explanations of the meaning of terms, then the deduction must be that Ethiopia (Gen. ii. 13,) was black, and the first people were Ethiopians, or blacks.

The Hamite / Ethiopian Nations - Light & Truth page 13

Page 13, “To the descendants of Ham, I have generally given the name of Ethiopiansblacks with frizzled or curly hair. The descendants of Shem were denominated Assyrians and Syriansblacks with long straight hair.

Page 19, “These were the generations of Japhet, after their families and tongues, in their countries and nations; who were also denominated colored people by the Grecian historian.”

Page 10 of the actual book alludes to Adam and Eve being black because the soil of Eden was very rich and black. Page 13 of the actual book says Ham and Shem are both black. Keep in mind that Scriptures and other sources clearly tell us Israelites have woolly hair, so some Israelites and other Shemitic peoples have woolly hair while others have straight hair. Page 19 of the actual book denominated Japheth as being colored people too. I disagree with the conjecture regarding Japheth because I believe Japheth as a nation has always been white and Shem and Ham have always been varying black peoples of different shades and hair textures.

I believe Japheth may have been an albino negro because his father Noah was an albino negro, he had high amounts of albinism running through him and thus his nation which he gained from Noah who was an albino negro, and/or his wife had Neanderthal admixture which also contributed to the white skin and other traditionally features spreading through their nations. This also means the black peoples who populated Western Europe and the Mediterranean, were Shemitic and Hamitic peoples while Japheth was in Central Asia, where many say “white people” come from, and in the land of the Tatars.

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