The Palestinian Targum Explain That Moses’ Wife was Called a “Cushite” Not Due to Her Ethnicity, But Because She Physically Resembled a “Cushite”

Source: African American Religious Studies An Interdisciplinary Anthology (Duke University Press) 1989 A.D.

Note: Page 112 of the source.

Note: Page 113 of the source.

Note: Page 114 of the source.

This source confirms that individuals who were associated with Israel (e.g. Moses’ wife who was called a “Cushite”) who were named Cushite in the Bible physically resembled Cushites so they were extremely dark skinned. This source confirms the idea that ancient Israelites operated on a “dark colorization”. This source confirms a “dark colorization” that ancient Israelites operated on because they could only produce individuals who physically resembled Ethiopians if a fair number of them were already some shade of brown skin which various different peoples of African, near east, and Indus descent have.

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