Queen Kahina was a Black Jewish Princess who was a Ruler of the Berber Tribes in Carthage

Source: Kahina (Encyclopedia) 2020 A.D.

From the source, “Priestess and queen of Carthage who was a powerful and ruthless ruler of the Berber tribes of northern Africa. Name variations: Cahina; Dhabba the Kahina; Dahiyah Kahinah; Dahia-al Kahina; Kahiyah. Reigned between 695 and 703 ce.

Around the time of the capture of Carthage by the Arabs (695 ce), the normally pastoral Berber tribes of the Atlas Mountains of North Africa rallied under the leadership of Queen Kahina, a powerful black Jew known variously as Dahiyah Kahinah or Kahiyah, who was also said to be a prophet.”

This post tells us that Queen Kahina, other posts on this website have spoken of her before, was indeed a black Jewish princess. This source also confirms the medieval black presence in the northern regions of Africa.

By Truth Ministries

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