1890 – The French Referred To Whydah As Juda Because The People Were Believed To Be Lost Tribes of Israel

Source: Société Languedocienne de Géographie. Auteur du Texte1890

French (original)

“Whydah (Fida, Hwedah, Ouida, Juda ou Ajuda) est une ville
ancienne, fréquentée depuis le xvi” siècle par les négriers portu-
gais, qui lui donnèrent son nom. Ses habitants étaient dits les
«Judalques», et on les considérait en effet comme un reste de
tribus dispersées d’Israël; au Nord, la rivière d’Allala, dont le
vrai nom est Efra, était devenue l’Euphrate pour les érudits.”

English (Translation)

“Whydah (Fida, Hwedah, Ouida, Juda or Ajuda) is a city old, frequented since the sixteenth century by Portuguese slavers who gave it its name. Its inhabitants were said to be the “Judalques”, and they were indeed considered to be a remnant of scattered tribes of Israel; to the north, the Allala river, whose real name is Efra, had become Euphrates for scholars.”

By Black History In The Bible

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