White Jews Came To Cochin AFTER The Black Jews

Source: Transactions of the Ethnological Society of London (Ethnological Society of London) 1861 – pg. 65

Throughout the book, the author finds himself trying to explain the occurrence of both black and white Jews. However, there is one paragraph in which he points out that the black Jews were in Cochin, India long before the white Jews.

In the beginning of the paragraph, the author makes the following observation about the black Jews of Cochin:

“On the other hand, the Jews of Portugal are very dark, whilst those who have been settled from very remote times in Cochin and the interior of Malabar, are so black as not to be distinguishable by their complexion from the native inhabitants.”

He goes on to say the following:

“It is a curious circumstance, that there is at Mattacheri, a town of Cochin, a particular colony of Jews, which arrived, at a comparatively late date in that country, and which are called Jerusalem or white Jews.”

Ethnological Society of London. Portuguese Jews
By Black History In The Bible

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