How To Use TASB

In order to get the most out of TASB it is essential that you read this instruction manual. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about existing or future features, please leave a comment on this page or head over to the forums for a faster response.

Top Bar

If you are using a laptop, desktop, and some tablets, the top bar and it’s menu links will likely be visible. If it is not visible due to tablet or cell phone use, you will need to click the set of lines to the top right of your screen, in order to display the menu. If a menu item has an arrow to the right, then you can expand that menu to see more navigation options.

Mobile Users

  • The above information applies to mobile users as well.

Side Bar

If you are using a laptop, desktop, and some tablets, the side bar should appear on the right hand side of your screen. The sidebar will contain a list of all of the books or a list of chapters to the current book you are reading, depending on where you are on the site.

Mobile Users

  • You will find the menu at the bottom below the comments.

Text Links

As you read through scripture you will encounter linked words and phrases. These links will take you to a more in depth study on the related word or phrase.

Info Bubbles

When you see a word that has a dotted underline, you can click on it or mouseover it to reveal an Info Bubble. The purpose of an Info Bubble is to deliver information that is too short to require it’s own study, but is at the same time important to the overall text of scripture.

  • Info Bubbles look like this.

Drop Down Info

Whenever you encounter a Drop Down Info box, you can click it to make it expand and reveal the hidden information. If you click it a second time, the information will disappear again. This feature allows us to increase the amount of information, while at the same time saving space, and causing minimum interruption to reader experience.

[accordions id=”656″]

Sometimes the above types appear in combination with each other. Make sure you check out all of the Drop Down Info boxes. You never know what might be hiding behind them.

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