Kedar Meant “dark”, “black skin”, “black skinned man”

Source: Kedar (Study Light) 2021 A.D.

From the source, “

Kedar = “dark”

1) a son of Ishmael (noun proper masculine)

2) the descendants of Kedar (noun proper people)…

(black skin,” “black skinned man,”) [Kedar], pr.n. of a son of IshmaelGenesis 25:13 and of an Arabian tribe sprung from him, Song of Solomon 1:5Isaiah 42:11 (where it is joined with a fem.); 60:7 Jeremiah 49:28Ezekiel 27:21 more fully called בְּנֵי קֵדָר Isaiah 21:17 by Pliny (H. N. 5:11), Cedrei. The Rabbins call all the Arabians universally by this name; whence לשון קדר Rabbin. used of the Arabic language.”

This source reinforces the notion that Kedar, a descendant of Abraham, was a black/dark-skinned man.

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