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Monthly Gifts

If you’d like to bless BHITB with a monthly gift in the amount of your choosing.

  1. Red Pill ($5.00 or more)
  2. All Access ($10.00 or more)
  3. PayPal (any amount)

All Patrons receive exclusive access to certain sections of BHITB based on your Patron level. Please visit the BHITB Patreon Page.

One Time Gifts

  1. Cash App – Please send all Cash App donations to $BHITB
  2. PayPal – If you’d like to give a one time gift via Paypal (click here to donate).
  3. Buy A Book – There are lots of books to choose from (click here).
  4. Buy Printables – There are Bible Study sheets and more (click here).
  5. Cryptocurrency Donations – If you’d like to give using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, or Litecoin, please use the following button.

No Money… No Problem

  1. Sharing – Getting the word out is one of the biggest and most helpful things you can do.
  2. Ads – Whenever an ad on this site is clicked BHITB earns a commission.
  3. Copying, Linking, and Citing – Please feel free to use any material on this site as long as you follow the guidelines and give credit (click here).
  4. Stash – Sign up and not only will BHITB get $5.00 to invest, but you’ll get $5.00 to invest as well (click here).
  5. Amazon Affiliate Links – Click on any of the books or links below before shopping on Amazon. They pay a small commission if you do. It doesn’t raise your price at all (click here).

BHITB’s Official Stance On Tithes and Offering

Far too often the Bible has been weaponized against believers… “Will a man rob God…” is probably the most used verse to guilt people into giving… and it’s taken completely out of context. Here is my official stance on giving to churches and other religious organizations… BHITB included:

  1. Give if you have it, but if you don’t, a share it just as good.
  2. Never feel obligated to give because of pressure or manipulation.
  3. Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for giving… you’re grown and it’s your money.
  4. Never give more than you afford to give.
  5. NEVER give because someone promised you God is going to make you rich.


  • Hello Dante,

    1st let me say I am ally not an enemy and I have know of your work for some time now. Back in the days when you were in the ciruit with Marzulli, Heiser, Skiba and others. I am not trolling you and I am not a UA. I am Isrealite that believes the descendants of salves are the tribe of Yahuda and Binyamin. I do however have small bone to pick with you. I commented on your The 400 Year Prophecy: Fact vs Failure – 2019 In Review video. I My comment was basically stating the your examples of us making progress were not good examples. My username is E or Elllie Ka. My bone to pick is, why did you delete it? I think it was valid point. Again not an enemy, hence why I am trying to reach out to via email. I would like your thoughts on what you didn’t like about my comment.

    I hope to hear from you. Keep doing what you do!

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