About TASB

The Awakening Study Bible (TASB) is a FREE online study Bible that approaches scripture from an Israelite perspective. Maps, images, historical evidence, and Bible commentary are linked throughout each chapter in order to provide deeper understanding for the reader.


TASB uses the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible across the entire site. The King James Bible does not have a copyright and is therefore free to reproduce.

How TASB Is Designed
  1. Bible Centered – The Bible is the foundation for all matters of faith. Outside sources are used strictly for historical, geographical, or cultural context and comparison.
  2. Powerful Study Tools – Dig deep into the Word using commentaries, our built in dictionary, encyclopedia, maps, images, and much more.
The Best of Many Bibles
  1. Archaeological Study Bible – Full of bold and vibrant full color pictures of discoveries, carvings, excavations and more. These same features can be found in TASB as well.
  2. Chronological Study Bible – Great for anyone that wants to read the Bible in the order in which the books were written, based on the date of the writing. TASB has the same feature.
  3. Scofield Study Bible – Famous for it’s commentary printed within the pages of the Bible instead of a more traditional separate book. TASB goes a step further by including full commentaries and Bible studies as clickable links within the text of scripture, which also provides an uninterrupted reading experience.
  4. Thompson’s Chain-Reference Bible – This Bible is acclaimed for it’s links on the side of the page that allow you to follow people, places, etc… TASB does the same with actual clickable links. TASB is updated regularly, which Thompson’s Chain-Reference Bible cannot do.
The History of TASB

The Awakening Study Bible (TASB) was an independent project started in 2017 in response to the lack of affordable, accessible, and historically accurate study Bibles available on the market. Due to a series of unfortunate circumstances, the original project was abandoned until the last quarter of 2020.

In mid 2021, TASB was successfully integrated into the BHITB website, which allowed it to be synced with all of the previous existing historical references, maps, images, videos, and more.

Geography, History, Ethnicity, and Culture

TASB is dedicated to presenting the truth as written in scripture, while also presenting historical, cultural, and geographical accuracy. Geography, history, ethnicity, and culture are a huge part of the history of Africa and Arabia, and only by accurately and truthfully portraying that culture can we fully appreciate and understand the totality of scripture.

  • You will not find any inaccurate or repainted pictures depicting Europeans in place of Africans or Arabians.
  • You will not find any false teachings / doctrines originating in British-Israelism, Christian Identity, or a Eurocentric worldview.

Israel is described in the Bible as looking like ancient Egyptians, and because of this, we do not believe any media (TV, movies, pictures, etc.) depicting a European Christ or European Israelites has any place in truthful Biblical teaching. Until there is concrete evidence of European Israelites in Egypt and European Israelites scattered worldwide via slavery, the false narrative of a European looking chosen people and a European Savior will not be represented in TASB.

Who Operates TASB?

Dante Fortson is the sole operator to TASB, but other individuals help with the curation of content, editing, and promooting of BHITB and TASB.

Who Contributes To TASB?

TASB is a community project. This means that anyone is welcome to submit Bible commentary, videos, links, and more. Submission of sources and commentaries does not guarantee that they will be included in TASB.

What Denomination is TASB?

TASB is not affiliated with any denomination.

What Are The Bible Commentary / Study Submission Requirements?

All Bible commentary / study submissions must:

  • Contain scripture to back all doctrinal points.
  • Reference to back any historical claims.
  • Be clear when opinion or assumption are being expressed.

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