Does Race Matter When It Comes To The Bible?

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Race, religion, and politics are some of the most volatile and divisive subjects on the planet… and we’re about to mix them all together in one study. The Bible isn’t about making people comfortable or allowing them to escape personal responsibility of their choices. Christ came to be divisive, which is something that more churches need to teach.

Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division: For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three. The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.” – Luke 12:51-53

So there was a division among the people because of him.” – John 7:43

“Therefore said some of the Pharisees, This man is not of God, because he keepeth not the sabbath day. Others said, How can a man that is a sinner do such miracles? And there was a division among them.” – John 9:16

There was a division therefore again among the Jews for these sayings.” – John 10:19

Christ was very open about the fact that he came to cause division and NOT peace. He caused doctrinal division, and if we’re supposed to be like Christ, then there’s no reason we should stop teaching the TRUTH of a black Messiah just because it causes division. Maybe that was the entire point of him coming as a black man to begin with.

  • Does it really matter if Christ was black, white, or other?
  • Does it really matter if Hebrews were black, white, or other?
  • Does race play any role in the message of salvation?

More often than not, those that claim “race doesn’t matter” or “the Bible isn’t about that” are the same people that benefit from the lies about race in the Bible.

  • The descendants of the people that repainted everything white during the Renaissance Period are the main people that claim “race doesn’t matter”.
  • The descendants of the people that have intentionally cast white actors as African people are the main people that claim “race doesn’t matter”.

If race really doesn’t matter to the people that make the claim, then they shouldn’t have any problem ACCURATELY and TRUTHFULLY acknowledging the race of Israel and Christ… but that’s not the case.

Map of Worldwide Indigenous Skin Color
Map of Worldwide Indigenous Skin Color
The Great Thing About Division

Those that claim talking about race in the Bible causes division are telling on themselves. Black people have believed in a white Jesus for a few hundred years now WITHOUT it being divisive. The ONLY time we ever hear mention of it being divisive is when we start pointing out evidence from scripture and history that he was black.

  • Only a racist would be offended if Christ were black.
  • Only a racist would divide themselves from the truth being taught.
  • Only a racist says “the truth about his race isn’t important”.

The great thing about division is that it lets us see who is truly about truth, which is Biblical… vs. those that are content with allowing lies to continue, which is what Satan would do. Those that have a problem with a black man as the Messiah should be divided from the rest of us true believers that believed prior to learning that a white Christ is a lie. I’m not referring only to white believers, but people of color also that have a problem with the concept of a black Messiah.

Blasphemy Is A Crime Against The Most High

No Bible believer wants to intentionally commit blasphemy. It is the one thing that Bible believers worldwide agree is a very bad thing. Let’s start by defining blasphemy.

  • Blasphemy (English): the act or offense of speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things; profane talk.
  • Blasphemy (Hebrew): blasphemia (Strong’s #988) – abusive or scurrilous language, blasphemy.

Because many of us are not familiar with the word “sacrilege”, let’s define that before we continue.

  • Sacrilege – violation or misuse of what is regarded as sacred.

Now that we’re clear on what blasphemy is and why it’s a problem, let’s take a look at a single verse that explains why race does matter, especially when it comes to Christ and Israel.

“I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” – Revelation 2:9

Christ is 100% clear that there are people that claim to be Jews, but are not Jews, and it is considered blasphemy.

  • If the European converts in Israel are claiming to be Jews, but are not Jews, then they are committing blasphemy.
  • If black descendants of the Transatlantic Slave Trade world wide are claiming to be Jews, but are not Jews, then we are committing blasphemy.
  • Anyone that claims “everyone is Jewish” is committing blasphemy because the Bible is clear that everyone is not Hebrew.

There’s simply no way around it. Not everyone is Hebrew, but many people want to claim Hebrew descent. This is sacrilege / blasphemy because God’s chosen people are considered sacred / holy / special / set apart.

The Book of Exodus

“Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine:” – Exodus 19:5

The Book of Deuteronomy

“For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God: the LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.” – Deuteronomy 7:6

There are several more examples, but let’s ask a few questions before we move on:

  1. WWJD to a group of people that falsely claimed to be Hebrews?
  2. WWJD to a group of people that enslaved his people?
  3. WWJD to a group of people that erased the culture and history of his people?
  4. WWJD to a group of people that made laws to oppress his people?

These questions are important because Psalms 83 lays out a conspiracy to do all of the above in order to make Israel cease to be a nation. So let’s ask a few more questions:

Again, it comes down to the fact that one of these groups is telling the truth, and one of these groups is committing blasphemy. Revelation 2:9 also provides other key insights:

  • The Europeans claiming to be Israel are stereotypically depicted as being rich, greedy, and obsessed with money, but Christ says he knows the poverty of his people.
  • Those falsely claiming to be Israel are of “the synagogue of Satan”. That’s a very strong accusation coming directly from the savior.

Once again, if we get the facts wrong, we’re endorsing blasphemy. Those that tell people not to teach the truth or that truth doesn’t matter, are condoning blasphemy by helping keep the Synagogue of Satan from being exposed.

Enemies of God By Choice

This is one of many reasons why it’s important to understand FACTUAL history, and not falsified versions of events that make people comfortable.

Either the Hebrews were black or they weren’t. Either they were European or they weren’t. There’s no middle ground since the Bible is clear that Hebrews and Europeans are NOT of the same lineage. Europeans are from the line of Japheth and Hebrews are from the line of Shem.

  • If a pastor or teacher is teaching their parishioners / congregation / followers to recognize the wrong people as Hebrews, then they’re teaching those same people to support “the synagogue of Satan”, which is also a support of blasphemy.
  • If a pastor or teacher doesn’t care enough to take an unbiased look at the evidence and use discernment, then they are a false teacher as well.

With Google available to us at all times, not knowing something is a choice. Not researching something is a choice. Not wanting to righteously discern the evidence is a choice. People may originally commit blasphemy and back the synagogue of Satan out of ignorance at first, but continuing to do so is a personal choice. Let’s take a look at those original three questions again:

  1. Does it really matter if Christ was black, white, or other?
  2. Does it really matter if Hebrews were black, white, or other?
  3. Does race play any role in the message of salvation?

Now we’re going to answer all of these one by one in depth because contrary to popular Eurocentric Christian belief… the truth does matter.

Does It Matter What Race Christ Was?

The Skin Color of Christ

“Alternative Facts” are just lies presented as an “alternative” to the truth, but in a way that doesn’t force people to recognize a lie for what it is.

  • If Christ was black, then depicting him any other way is a lie.
  • If Christ was white, then depicting him any other way is a lie.
  • If Hebrews were black, then depicting them any other way is a lie.
  • If Hebrews were white, then depicting them any other way is a lie.

In short… yes it matters what race Christ was because TRUTH ALWAYS MATTERS. Let’s look at a few reasons why it matters:

  • False teachers and believers of British-Israelism will not worship a black savior.
  • False teachers and believers of Christian Identity will not worship a black savior.
  • If the KKK knew Christ was black, they wouldn’t call themselves Christian nor pretend to believe in the Bible like they do now.
  • If Europeans knew Christ was black, they couldn’t teach white supremacy without knowingly blaspheming The Most High.
  • If some black people weren’t deceived into thinking Christ was white, they wouldn’t reject him solely on the basis of him looking like our European oppressors.

And here’s where the differences come into play.

There’s a huge difference between hating people based on color vs hating people based on the actions they chose to take, laws they chose to vote for, and the excuses they continually make for committing evil acts.

  • Christ knows who would embrace him regardless of his color.
  • Christ knows who would reject him based solely on the color of his skin.

We can’t fool Christ. There’s is no doubt in my mind that NONE of the KKK, their supporters, racist Hebrew haters, or those that ignore them will be rejected from salvation. Kinda hard to be saved if you hate the skin color of the savior for no real reason at all. Hate and racism are personal choices.

  • Anyone that would reject Christ if they knew the FULL TRUTH about his ethnicity and racial origin cannot and will not be saved.
  • Anyone that only accepted Christ based on the lie of him being white cannot and will not be saved.
  • Preaching a lie cannot lead to salvation.
White Jesus Is Blasphemy
Why Would God Send This White Man To Hide Among Black People In Africa If The Point Was To Blend In To Escape Death?

The reason that I refer to this as blasphemy is due to the fact that it subverts The Most High’s personal decision to walk this earth as a “burned bronzeskin man. It downplays his sovereignty into something mankind can just tamper with as they see fit.

  • We do not have the right to play God with God’s decision to walk the earth as a black man.
  • We do not have the right to change the facts in order to appease those who otherwise might not believe.
  • We do not have the right to tell those teaching the truth to stop doing so out of fear of offending others.

If you don’t respect God, his chosen, or his Messiah based on skin color… STOP PRETENDING TO BE BELIEVE IN THE BIBLE AS THE WORD OF GOD.

Food For Thought
  • If the Bible describes Christ as having burned bronze skin… anyone that says he was “olive” is a liar.
  • If the Bible describes Christ as having burned bronze skin… anyone that says he looked modern “Middle Eastern” is a liar.
  • If the Bible describes Christ as having burned bronze skin… anyone that says “the Bible doesn’t say” is a liar.
This Is Literally Burned Bronze - Truth Is Truth
For The Record – This Is Literally Burned Bronze – Truth Is Truth

Does It Matter What Race Hebrews Are?

Let’s look at this from a moral standpoint as well as a strategic stand point by asking WWSD (what would Satan do). According to Satan himself, and he was not corrected when he said it…

“And the devil, taking him up into an high mountain, shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it.” – Luke 4:5-6

If Satan was lying, this wouldn’t have been considered to be a temptation because Christ would know it’s a lie. This brings us to more questions we need to ask concerning race:

Throughout scripture, we see Satan doing the opposite of what God intended. Just look around at the majority of people that run the world. Satan’s plan is to keep people from the truth, so much of what we see is based around that deception.

  • If Satan wanted to deceive the world, he’d feed people the lie that Christ and Hebrews were white.
  • If Satan wanted to deceive the world, he’d feed people the lie that Egyptians were white.
  • If Satan wanted to deceive the world, he’d feed people the lie that the Europeans in Israel are Hebrews.

We know these are blatant deceptions because Egyptians left depictions of themselves as black people. If the Bible says Hebrews were mistaken for Egyptians, then claiming race doesn’t matter is a deception. The Bible tells us they looked like Egyptians for a reason… and that reason IS NOT because “it doesn’t matter”.

  • When people say the Bible doesn’t talk about race… they’re lying.
  • When people say God doesn’t tell us because it doesn’t matter… they’re lying.
The Deadliest Lie In History

Look at what is going on in Israel. People that DO NOT fit the description of the Hebrews in the Bible are currently MURDERING Palestinians in order to take land that DOES NOT belong to the European imposters… and they’re carrying out this theft and genocide on national TV. Not only are they doing it, but they’re doing it with the support of the United States and many white people that claim to be Christian.

  • If the world knew Israel was black, then we could all call what’s happening in Israel exactly what it is… an invasion by Europeans that want to continue stealing a culture that doesn’t belong to them.
  • If the world knew Israel was black, then we could all call what’s happening in Israel exactly what it is… an invasion by Europeans that want to continue stealing land that doesn’t belong to them.

This is why truth matter. Satan relies on people not actually reading the book, but relying on their own false belief system that convinces them it’s OK to make up “alternative facts”. Continuing to promote the deception of a white savior isn’t just a case of “it doesn’t really matter”, because the deception of a white Messiah has led to some of the most horrific events in history.

All of the above are centered around hatred for Hebrew people. But we have to ask a few questions about how things might be different if the truth was taught. If white conservative Christians that defend slave owners, southern scumbags that fought to keep slavery, cops that murder unarmed black people, etc… knew that Hebrews were taken off the coast of Africa and brought to America:

  • Would they have allowed the mass enslavement of Hebrews to take place to begin with?
  • Would they have allowed Hebrew women to be raped and their children sold off to plantations?
  • Would they have allowed vagrancy laws, segregation, and Jim Crow to exist?
  • Would they still support officers gunning down unarmed Hebrews in the street?
  • Would they still tell black people to “get over slavery”, when the Bible is 100% clear that God isn’t going to get over it?

We know they wouldn’t… and yet they’re continuing to spit in God’s face now because they’re under the impression that Hebrews are white and any oppressive and racist policy they support politically won’t be of any consequence on judgement day… but that’s false.

“Woe to those who make unjust laws, to those who issue oppressive decrees, to deprive the poor of their rights and withhold justice from the oppressed of my people, making widows their prey and robbing the fatherless.” – Isaiah 10:1-2 (NIV)

The NIV says it in a little bit better wording than other versions, but they all convey the same message. The above listed laws created by Europeans are EVIL, oppressive, and an offense to The Most High… and yet they defend such actions and those that commit them because they REFUSE to teach the truth or accept the truth when it is presented.

  • Those that claim to believe in Christ, but oppose Israel through their vote and support of racist politicians will be held accountable.
  • Those that support laws that are oppressive to Hebrews will be held accountable, regardless if they believe their vote isn’t a big deal.
  • Voting is an OPTIONAL CHOICE, which means voting for candidates that oppress Israel is also a vote against God and his people.

God won’t ignore these evil laws, votes, or actions, and we know this to be true because of the following verses:

And I will feed them that oppress thee with their own flesh; and they shall be drunken with their own blood, as with sweet wine: and all flesh shall know that I the LORD am thy Saviour and thy Redeemer, the mighty One of Jacob.” – Isaiah 49:26

“Their children also shall be as aforetime, and their congregation shall be established before me, and I will punish all that oppress them.” – Jeremiah 30:20

Now let’s circle back around to the topic of this study: Does race matter when it comes to the Bible?

  • Yes… it matters if you hate Hebrews based solely on skin color.
  • Yes… it matters if you would reject Christ based solely on skin color.
  • Yes… it matters if you support oppressive laws based solely on skin color.
  • Yes… it matters if you justify police murdering Hebrews based solely on skin color.
  • Yes… it matters if you support the Synagogue of Satan’s invasion of God’s land because you refuse to acknowledge the truth about the connection of race to scripture.

Race matters. If it didn’t matter the Bible wouldn’t mention it, but the writers mention it over and over again. Those that say it doesn’t matter are simply deceivers that don’t want to acknowledge the truth. Hebrews were and are black. Christ is black… and those that don’t like it can take it up with The Most High.

The Breakdown

The truth of the matter is that it does matter that Christ was black, it matters that the Hebrews are black, and it matters that their descendants are black. Christ’s very skin color could be the thing that separates true believers from those that want nothing to do with a creator that would personally choose to be a black man.

  • Salvation is NOT based on race… that has nothing to do with Christ being black.
  • Anything other than the absolute truth is a lie… period.

Maybe it’s time we start causing more division, waking up more people to the truth, and letting those that don’t truly believe fall away as scripture says they eventually will. It’s time to wake up and stop continuing in the lie of white Jesus, white Israel, white supremacy, and white theology. Christ came to save the lost… he didn’t come caring whether or not white people feel comfortable with him being a black man.

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By Black History In The Bible

"And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not. Which of you convinceth me of sin? And if I say the truth, why do ye not believe me? He that is of God heareth God's words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God." - John 8:45-47


  • You are deceived if you think you’re a man of God who is doing God’s work. You are not a man of God and those who are following you are being led to the slaughter. Look to God.

    • Black History In The Bible -

      Your response is exactly why we don’t trust you people. Nobody is being led to the slaughter. You can’t find a single Bible verse that says, sit silent while white people teach lies. You can’t find a single Bible verse that forbids teaching truth… so you default to your white satanic lie of “people who teach the truth are not of God” if that truth is about black people.

      You’re a racist… and that is 100% clear. Its very telling that ONLY white people have a problem with truth. You sit silent as long as the lie is white Jesus and white Hebrews… but soon as we point out your lies, you come attack us. Many of you people are hell bound while deceiving yourselves into believing you’re not racists and really love Christ.

      We can spot you racists easily. Only a racist is OK with a white lie, but comes to a black site and makes an issue out of truth… you’re a racist and as long as you continue in your racism, what we’re teaching is the least of your worries. You’ve dedicated your life to Satan, so from now on your satanic comments will be deleted. Your master satan will not have a platform here for you to spread his lies, hate, and racism. Go back to your white idol and pretend it represents salvation.

    • Black History In The Bible -

      Because Europeans have LIED about black history and stolen it. That’s why we care. Because its OUR history and we know it. You don’t have to understand because your ancestors were the problem. Many Europeans like yourself that don’t want us talking about OUR rightful history are the problem. So if you don’t like the truth, stop coming to this site. Simple as that. We don’t have to explain anything to you because you clearly don’t read your Bible. We don’t have to justify anything to you at all because we don’t answer to you or any other European.

      The fake Jews are white (Ashkenazi), and the Bible refers to them as The Synagogue of Satan. The true Hebrews are black people scattered worldwide by the slave trade. You all support FAKE Israel while oppressing true Israel… and people with common sense know you can’t support the Synagogue of Satan while claiming you’re on the side of Christ. I’ll point out race because by doing to the Bible becomes 100% clear about who is who. Job said “my skin is BLACK upon me”… not white… not brown… not olive or Middle Eastern… black. Neither myself or anyone else needs to repent or explain ourselves for pointing out Biblical and Historical facts.

      You feel freed to go back to your European Church where they teach you lies, teach you to worship a false white idol of a white man standing in place of the true Messiah, where they teach you that you can support the Synagogue of Satan, but question Hebrews why we wanna teach the truth. However, I will continue to warn my people about the lies of Europeans and will continue to tell my people about OUR history that was stolen by Europeans. You Europeans are free to continue oppressing true Israel, supporting fake Israel, and teaching lies… but you’ll only find truth here.

      We know how much you people hate to learn that Christ was black, but get over it, because he was according to Daniel and John. Go bother white film and TV makers that cast white actors to play Egyptians, Hebrews, and Christ… knowing the whole time that NONE of those people were ever white. Go ask them why it matters so much to lie and cast white actors as black people… but don’t come here and question us about why the truth is important.

      We’re sick of it. After you bother them about their false portrayal of black history, then come back and post a screenshot… but we know you won’t because like many Europeans, you’re 100% OK with white lies… but have a problem with black truth. European lies about the Bible are divisive and blasphemous. The lies are going to lead people straight to hell because they’re out there worshiping some fake white idol that DOES NOT represent Christ or his people at all.

      We’ll continue to teach truth whether Europeans understand or not, whether Europeans support it or not, and whether or not it makes you uncomfortable. If race wasn’t a big deal, lying Europeans wouldn’t have tried to white wash history in the first place. But Satan’s chosen people kidnapped, raped, murdered, enslave, and oppressed black people because we are Hebrews. We know this is all due to the curse in Deuteronomy 28… but we also know Joel 3 is coming to the Europeans for doing it.

      You are opposed to the truth because the truth of Christ is not in you. Satan has a hold on you which is why you’re speaking up against the truth. Being under Satanic influence is the ONLY reason someone would come to a website teaching truth and ask “why is truth important to you” or say stupid stuff like “repent for teaching truth”… and there are ZERO Bible verses that speak against teaching truth… so ask yourself why black truth bothers you so much, but white lies are OK with you.

      If race doesn’t matter to you… then you shouldn’t care what is being said as long as its TRUE. The Bible talks about skin color, and yet none of you Europeans say they need to repent or aren’t doing the will of God… that’s why I erased 99% of the nonsense you posted. If we need to repent for pointing out Bible verses, then Job, Jeremiah, Moses, and Paul need to repent for writing them in the first place.

      You have a race issue that you don’t want to admit to.

  • I’m white, born that way and there’s nothing I can do about it. No one can do anything about what race we are. But in Christ, there is no Jew or Greek, male or female, slave or free. We are all equal in Christ. No Christian is racist and no Christian cares what color Jesus’ skin was or anyone else’s. Only those who are racist care about that. Jesus was only using whatever skin He was born with so He could come to earth and dwell among us and so that He could die and be raised from the dead so that we could be saved from God’s wrath and have new life in Him. Do you think that God cares about the color of anyone’s skin or that He judges anyone by that?

    • Black History In The Bible -

      1. You miss the entire point as usual with you people. YOU people make it about skin color. WE judge you by your actions, inability to grasp simple concepts, and your desire to change the subject and make it about everything else EXCEPT what it’s actually about.

      2. The key word is “in Christ”. But the fact is most of the world is NOT in Christ, so that doesn’t apply to people who believe in a white Jesus. That’s an idol because white Jesus never existed.

      Here’s a very simple concept to grasp… if Christ was black, it means that God chose a black nation. If God is all knowing and can tell us the end from the beginning… it means that GOD made the choice out of all people on the planet to be born into a human body with black skin. But moreso, it means he chose NOT to be any other race. God made choices… it’s not up to Europeans to change those choices or tell other people those choices don’t matter so we shouldn’t talk about them. Nonsense. Truth matters. We know it doesn’t matter to Europeans, but to everyone else it matters.

      3. Christians should care about ALL truth… and for you to say truth does not matter means you are fine with lies and deception. Lies are of Satan. So are you for the truth or for lies? If you’re for truth, then why do you have a problem with history pointing to a black Christ? Are you complaining that people point out that Alexander the Great was white? How about Julius Caesar? If not, then you shouldn’t have a problem with a black savior… nor should you have the problem with people teaching that truth… but you do, which shows the truth is not in you.

      4. And thanks for proving my point about you people failing to grasp a simple concept. Jesus was black… Europeans have LIED and created an idol of a white man to worship… period. I’m teaching people the TRUTH… and the truth is Jesus was a Negro according to history. Negroes went into Africa according to history. Negroes founded Negroland according to history. Those Negroes were kidnapped, raped, had history erased, had language erased, had religion erased, were enslaved, and murdered without cause. Negroes are still being targeted for prison and murder by cops… all done by Europeans while Europeans that claim to be “Christian” sit around making excuses for it, voting for it, support it, and participate in it.

      Anyone can claim to be a Christian, but Christ said we’d KNOW by their fruit… so as a black person, the fruit we see from the MAJORITY of Europeans is evil… period. If you don’t do evil, vote for evil, or sit silent while evil happens, then you won’t be seen as evil. It’s a simple concept to grasp. Some of you “Christians” care more about football players not saluting the idol you call the flag, than about the REASON why Hebrews refuse to salute it.

      The British had freed the Hebrew slaves… but America wanted them returned after the war, which is what the National Anthem is all about. That’s why they don’t sing the FULL song. So you expect the descendants of people enslaved under that flag to honor it while singing a song that celebrates the re-enslavement of our ancestors? And now Dallas wants to punish players for not celebrating the slavery, rape, and murder of our ancestors by Europeans… Like I said… pure F’n evil.

      So the next time YOU attempt to make salvation about the color of skin… which is a deflection since NOBODY on this site teaches that… just remember how Satanic your ancestors were and many white “Christians” still are.

      Joel 3 is 100% clear… God is going to destroy the nation that sold his people into worldwide slavery… feel free to look at history. Only one group of people has gone into WORLDWIDE slavery… and only one group has gone on ships as mentioned in Deuteronomy 28… Europeans did it and we know who they did it to… and that country is gonna pay for it when Christ returns.

      Our curse ends in 2019 and we know who we are… while you don’t even realize you’re living in the middle of one of the biggest prophecies concerning Israel. The true Hebrews remember who we are, start waking others up, and we call back The Most High. It doesn’t matter if you understand or if you don’t get it. We understand who we are and there’s nothing you or any other European can say that means anything to us at this point. We’re sick of European lies. We plan to call back Christ and let him sort it out with you people.

  • I was referring to a comment you made to someone: “The only people denying the truth are white people. Satan’s chosen.” I hope I’m reading that wrong.

    • Black History In The Bible -

      God has a chosen people, so why wouldn’t Satan if his goal is to be like The Most High?

      The fact is Europeans have ruined the planet with world war, worldwide slavery, worldwide theft of everyone’s culture, multiple genocides of not just people but animals, and more.

      The truth is the truth. This country was acquired through pure evil, built by the evil of slavery, and is still engaging in the evil practice of rewarding cops for murdering Hebrews in cold blood.

      Do you think God is going to ignore all that and just let it slide? No…

      Not every European is evil, nor will every European face God’s wrath, but what we do know is that during the 1,000 year reign, Europeans are stripped of power and left in the outer court.

      And after all that, Europeans join Satan to fight Christ. God chose a black nation, but Satan seems to have chosen a white nation. Just my observations.

  • Are you actually saying that white people cannot be Christians, that they belong to the devil and that white people who are Republicans can’t be and are not Christians?

    • Black History In The Bible -

      If I was saying that I would’ve said it. Regardless of what you may think, black people know how to use words. There’s zero need to ever ask me “are you saying”, because everything I’m saying is 100% clear without subtext. Feel free to read the actual words of the study. If you haven’t read it (clearly you haven’t), then why comment on it?

      As far as your question about Republicans… nope. You can’t hate the true Hebrews, vote for people that hate Hebrews, support decisions that oppress Hebrews, and then say you believe in Christ. Your vote is your consent to screw over God’s people. Who you vote for shows who you are as a person.

      Trump is Satan’s man… and you can’t vote for Satan’s man while claiming to follow Christ. Trump’s evil is 100% clear to all people of color except a handful that hate themselves. The only people that can’t see wha’t obvious to us all are his supporters.

      There are plenty of white believers… good ones that support TRUE Israel and not the fakes in the land now pretending to be Israel. There are good white people that know and teach that black people are the true Hebrews and the others are liars.

      Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 says those in Israel now are the Synagogue of Satan… so ask yourself who God is going to condemn… those that support his people or those that oppress his people but support the Synagogue of Satan.

      A lot of people of all colors are going to find out which side they’ve really chosen… racism is going to send a lot of people to the fire.

  • Just one request, please shed some light on the lineage of Jacobs first 2 wives who happen to be sisters. I need this gap in my knowledge closed to fully ascertain the race of Israelites.

    God bless

    • Black History In The Bible -

      They were Syrian Genesis 25:20 and Genesis 28:5. I plan to post some research in the future, but look toward ancient Syria.

  • Fantastic research and insights. Brother your work is edifying and really awakening.
    God bless you and your ministry. Amen

  • That reply you gave regarding that political crap from one of those comments was awesome Minster Fortson.

    Both political parties are the same.
    They are just a stragedy that is used to keep people engaged into nonsense.

    I read somewhere that America uses the eagle as its symbol. (hosea 8:1), (ezek 17:7) or look at the back of the dollar bill.

    Well the eagle has 2 wings- in order to fly or push forth an agenda.
    The left wing ( democrats) and the right wing ( republicans).
    Both wings are part of the same bird is it not?

    Thanks for all you do for the kingdom.

    Your articles are excellent and your follow up to comments are great.
    Stay strong – its a battle out here.

    O.L. Jones

  • That was a Great response Minister Fortson that you gave on that political party crap.

    Both political parties are the same. The 2 parties are just a strategy devised by the powers that be to keep people engaged in nonsense.

    I’ve read Somewhere that ” America ” is the symbol of the eagle. ( hosea 8:1), ( ezek 17:7) or non biblical ( back of dollar bill) or eagle has landed ( moon ).
    Well the eagle has 2 wings in order to fly ( or push forth an agenda) .
    The Left wing represents ( democrats) and the right wing ( republicans)- they both are still part of the same bird (eagle’s body) is it not?


    • Black History In The Bible -

      Thanks for the response. Please stop saying “it’s two wings of the same bird”. It gets said soooo much. But yes you’re right. I have random bits here and there on regathering, but I’ll put something together soon for that topic specifically.

  • Not to mention it was Demokkkrats who founded the kkk, slavery, Jim Crowe and segregation. It was Republicans who freed the slaves:

    “For the life of me I cannot see how any honest colored man who has brains enough to put two ideas together can allow himself under the notion of independence to give aid and comfort to the Democratic party in Ohio or elsewhere.” Frederick Douglas

    • Black History In The Bible -

      You’re not teaching anyone here anything new. We live in 2018. Who did the KKK support and vote for? The racist Trump and racist Republicans. Stop bringing up past Republican actions without mentioning “Southern Strategy”. The racist marketing strategy to attract racist Democrats to the current Republican party. Next time bring that up or keep your mouth shut.

      Douglas was right… and as soon as Republicans used Southern Strategy to become the racist party, black people went Democrat. Learn your history you racist trash.

      Only racist trash assumes all black people are Democrats just because we can’t stand the racist Republican party.

      Only a racist moron quotes black people to other black people as if we should care. Why didn’t you quite David Duke speaking on Trump and share that? Why didn’t you post a Trump quote speaking about Mexicans.

      No such thing as a Christian Republican… period. And if you don’t like it see yourself off the site.

  • The most factually, historically, and Biblically incorrect article I’ve ever read. Really..the opposite skin color of black is satan’s people…absolute nonsense. Josephus clearly explains the races in his work, Japheth meaning fair is founder of the “white” or European/caucas races, and Asian races; Ham is founder of the mongoloid and darker skinned African races; Shem is founder of the bronze skinned races, including northern Africans, Arabs, Assyrians, and Hebrews. There are as well as secular sources such as the Egyptian Book of Gates, the Egyptians referred to the Libyans as the “white race”. Please read Genesis.

    • Black History In The Bible -

      Libyans came from Ham according to the Bible… and Hebrews mixed with the line of Ham. Maybe you’re in denial about the truth. Also the Elamites left artwork. Elam was the son of Shem and they painted themselves as BLACK PEOPLE. The only people denying the truth are white people. Satan’s chosen.

      And since you readily admit that Japheth was the father of Europeans race… explain how the Europeans in Israel are Jews? We know they’re European converts from the 8th century. Not Hebrews at all. But we know you and the false white teachers you follow will never admit the truth or even research it.

      Point out specifically what was inaccurate. Feel free and use quotes. If you can’t then leave because you’re a liar. Black people clearly see who is evil and it’s the Republican party in America. Pure evil made of evil people that support evil policy and pretend to believe in Christ.

    • Amen and thank you for eloquently speaking truth. They can not handle this bc it disrupts their false paradigm.

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