I’m A Hebrew… But What Do I Do Next?

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So you’ve been awakened to the TRUTH that negroes are actually the Israelites of the Bible, white Jesus is a lie, and Europeans only targeted us for slavery to piss off God. The hardest part of the awakening process is admitting that you’ve been lied to about who we are, where we are, and why we’re here. Congratulations on getting through that. Learning the truth about who we are is one of the most empowering and difficult journey’s we’ll ever embark on in life. For that reason, I’ve put together this resource page to make the process a little bit easier.

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Avoid The Camps

One of the first groups our people you will encounter during and after the “awakening” process, are the Black Hebrew Israelite camps. Much of their doctrine is twisted, false, and dangerous. In part 2 of this The BHITB Podcast, I point out the most dangerous camp doctrine and why it should be avoided.

If you desire fellowship, then finding a ministry with a solid doctrinal foundation should be your #1 priority. Don’t let the false teaching that attempts to justify hate take you off of the path of truth.


The Top 3 False Camp Doctrines To Look Out For

1) Esau & Edomites

Many camps teach that Caucasians and Negroes were twins born to a black father in Africa. They also teach and express hatred for Esau, who they claim is the brother of the negro, even though the Bible says not to hate your brother.

2) Law Keeping

Many camps teach that we must keep the law, even though there is no sacrifice. They will often respond by stating that its the grace of Christ that saves us because we can’t keep the law. It’s an obvious contradiction that they don’t see, so that they can control their victims like cults do (Acts 15).

3) Gentiles

They falsely teach that Gentiles are scattered Israelites, even though the first mention of Gentiles occurs in Genesis 10, long before any Israelites were ever born. Gentiles are a nation of people that had a leader according to Genesis 14. They refuse to address this major hole in their doctrine because their doctrine on the Gentiles is false.

These doctrines are important because they concern nations and salvation. The reason that it took us so long to discover who we are is due to the false teaching of Europeans and many black pastors. Don’t be misled again by another group mislabeling nations that are extremely important to Bible prophecy. This study on the Gentiles by TEOTW Ministries is very on point and based 100% in scripture.

If you start picking apart many camp doctrines and asking the right questions, don’t be surprised if they get mad, try to change the subject, refuse to use scripture, and turn hateful toward you. It’s a reaction based on brainwashing, so don’t take it personal.


Avoid The Black Native Nonsense

Not only are we NOT Native American, these first hand testimonies of slaves PROVE it to be completely false. After we awaken, the wolves post at the door, waiting to devour us with false doctrine, distraction, and to steer us away from our true identity. We are ISRAELITES.


How To Find A Good Ministry

Make sure you read their Statement of Faith or ask for it if it’s not readily available on their site. A good ministry will do ALL of the following:

  1. Use the Bible as the final word of authority on a matter.
  2. Read the entire Bible in CONTEXT to apply teachings.
  3. Differentiate between scripture, opinion, and outside historical evidence.
  4. Teach salvation by grace through faith.
  5. Speak unapologetic truth no matter who it may offend.
  6. Doesn’t make up their own list of “sins” that can’t be found in scripture.

A good ministry will keep you fed with meat regularly. Outside of this ministry, the only other ministry I recommend is TEOTW Ministries. I’ve known them for almost a decade now, and they’re on point with teaching and interpretation. We don’t always agree, but it’s a case of iron sharpening iron until we come to a better understanding.

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Your Connection To Our People Will Be Stronger

Part of the reason our people hate and destroy each other is a lack of national identity and the other part is systematic psychological warfare. However, when many are awakened, there is a change in behavior towards other people of color, but more specifically our people. Understanding that we are the people of The Most High puts an entirely different perspective on life and our brothers and sisters of color.

  1. You’ll find yourself being more courteous to your brothers and sisters.
  2. You’ll find that your compassion towards homeless Israelites changes.
  3. You’ll begin noticing prophecies being fulfilled that you might have overlooked before.
  4. You’ll notice how movies, music, and entertainment affects our community in negative ways.
  5. You’ll understand that we’re being held hostage because of who we are and not just our skin color.
10 Ways To Positively Impact The Black Community

Making positive changes within our community is not about “law keeping” or anything like that. It’s about making individual decisions that lead to losses in finances for individuals and business owners that prey on our people. These include “culture vultures” and Israelites that sell us out in exchange for cash.

  1. Stop buying music from artists that glorify violence against our people.
  2. Stop buying music from artists that glorify using or selling drugs in our community.
  3. Stop supporting movies, music, entertainers, and other businesses that do not show respect for our community in general.
  4. Stop supporting the modern day enslavement of our people, known as the prison system.
  5. Stop donating to police departments that reward officers with paid vacations for killing our people.
  6. Stop voting for politicians that support policies that destroy our communities (abortion, mass incarceration, police brutality, etc.)
  7. Stop glorifying thugs and ratchet behavior as acceptable to our community.
  8. Share your new found faith with others.
  9. Share eye opening scriptures with others.
  10. Share our history with others.


Your Faith Will Increase

I can’t speak for everyone, but I know from personal experience and from people I’ve talked to, that it becomes easier to believe in the book once we know why the book was written, who it was written by, and who it was written to.

  1. You’ll feel a closer connection to The Most High.
  2. Scripture becomes more personal.
  3. History will come into perspective.
  4. You’ll gain a better understand of what slavery was about.
  5. You’ll be able to piece together where we came from and how we got to where we are.

Sometimes putting together all of the information can be overwhelming, but each piece we figure out adds to our faith. If you haven’t already read my book, check it out and read some of the reviews from others that have been blessed by my findings.

The Black Hebrew Awakening: The Final 400 Years As Slaves In America

Part of the reason our identity has been hidden is to keep us divided and hateful toward each other. Knowing who we are changes that for many of our people. We understand that what is happening to our community is systematic, but also spiritual.


Your Desire To Read The Word Will Increase

Part of the post awakening process is a sincere desire to search the scriptures to see what else we’ve missed or have been lied to about. This time around it’ll be different because you’re reading with new eyes, a new mind, and a new perspective. It’s like going on a real life treasure hunt without leaving the house.

  1. Read the word for yourself BEFORE you begin studying with anyone else.
  2. Pray for understanding as you read.
  3. Always confirm every teaching you encounter with scripture (Acts 17:11).
  4. Read all of the genealogies to see who is who.
  5. Pay close attention to every reference to skin color to connect more of the dots.

The most common advice that people give is to get with a ministry or group of believers… but that’s a TERRIBLE idea. New believers need to sit alone with the Bible so they at least have somewhat of an idea if they hear something that doesn’t sound quite right. Ministry doctrine needs to be vetted and compared to scripture before running out to join. It’s easy to deceive people when they’re new to the faith or unfamiliar with the full context of scripture.

You’ll Desire To Share The Truth

There’s something about coming into the knowledge of who we are that makes it impossible for us to keep quiet about it.

  • Read the Bible in its entirety before you start any kind of official ministry, website, etc.
  • Know which scriptures you plan to use before you present the information or present a Bible study.
  • Make sure your doctrine is solid before present the information to any of our people.
  • Be prepared to answer questions using both scripture and history as evidence.

Please Share This Page As A Thank You

Speaking of sharing the truth… share this page… and then share some of the other pages on this site IF and ONLY IF you find them helpful or think they may help some of our other brothers and sisters wake up to the truth that we are CHOSEN… we are ISRAELITES… and…


This Is Satan’s America


25 Resources For Black Hebrew Israelites

The following resources are FREE TO USE as long as you follow the rules of using my content (click here to read the rules).

Bible Studies
  1. Elam and The Elamites: The Evidence No Believer Can Afford To Ignore
  2. Bathsheba: King Solomon’s Canaanite Mother
  3. Unmasking The Gentiles: The Role of Europeans In Bible Prophecy
  4. King Menelik I, The Solomonic Dynasty, and The Ark of The Covenant
  5. Kedar: The “Dark Skinned” Grandson of Abraham
  1. More Than Slaves: The Truth No Black Person Was Ever Meant To Find Out
  2. Pre-Slavery Christianity: It Was Never The White Man’s Religion
  3. Taboo Topics In The Bible: Replacement Theology
  4. From Niger To Nigger: Simeon and The Other Black Apostles
  5. Beyond Flesh and Blood: The Ultimate Guide To Angels and Demons
Historical Evidence
  1. An Epic Timeline of Evidence
  2. 880 A.D. – The Tribe of Dan In Africa
  3. Late 1400s – Hebrews Confirmed As Black and On The West Coast of Africa
  4. 1440 B.C. – Hebrews Making Bricks In Egypt
  5. Tacitus – Hebrews Looked Like Ethiopians and Egyptians
Maps & More
  1. 1710 – Map of The Kingdom of Judah In Africa
  2. Map of Hebrew Migration Into Africa
  3. 1737 Spanish Map of The Kingdom of Judah In Africa
  4. 1743 German Map of The Kingdom of Judah In Africa
  5. 1766 French Map Says “Negroland populated by Jews”
Video Testimonies That Israel Is Black
  1. Arab Battle Rapper Dizaster Speaks Truth About Jewish Rapper Iron Solomon
  2. The World Knows Who We Are – DeMarco Cantrell
  3. Romanian Man Testifies That The True Hebrews Are Negroes
  4. Who Are The True Hebrews? – Brandie Bahn
  5. European Woman Tells The Truth About Black Hebrews


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By Black History In The Bible

"And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not. Which of you convinceth me of sin? And if I say the truth, why do ye not believe me? He that is of God heareth God's words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God." - John 8:45-47


  • So it was to piss God off? You think God reacts to us in some sort of surprise emotion? We react, not The Holy one. He knows all. What happen to this once wonderful site? It is racism now.

    • Naw, you’re just a mad white man. Since you aren’t using the correct definition, let me point out that racism is a WHITE invention. Only you people hate people based on skin color. Black people don’t want to deal with you people based on your ACTIONS not your skin color. But for some reason you all want to be able to call black people racist while failing to admit that your race has been scumbags to pretty much everyone and everything on the planet. You wipe out people, animals, plants, and everything else… then pretend that people hate you based on skin color. Nope… your actions. Be good people and people won’t hate you… unlike you all do when you hate black people for no other reason that skin color.

  • The truth it is so shocking I read this from the Bible whole time but it’s so hard for me to believe it even to myself that am a true Hebrew been describe by the Bible even though Solomon described himself as been dark as the tent of Ke’dar these so call white people want us to believe that our ancestors were white. Pray that YAH will guide us to correct the mistake of our forefathers so can bring out the true worship that truly honor HIm

  • Hey Minister Fortson! Hope all is well. I’d just like to ask you to please work on this lesson, “I’m a Hebrew, But What Do I Do Next?” Thank you for all the lessons you’ve already done.

  • I am unclear regarding Passover, meal, prep, etc. Do you have a booklet or info regarding this observance? TY and Shalom.

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