The Afar Say they Come From Yemen

Source: Afar (Encyclopedia) 2021 A.D.

From the source, “The Afars’ skin tone is generally dark brown and their facial features are similar to those of the Somalis and Oromos, although generally members of both of those groups have darker skin. The Afar are probably related to the ancient Egyptian race…The Afar themselves claim to be descended from Arabs, through a mythic Yemeni ancestor. This myth of origin seems unlikely, since the two groups do not share a common race, language, or culture…Afar culture is oral in tradition. Afar oral literature reveals a high esteem for military prowess, with a whole repertoire of war chants. Today, Afar songs tend to extol the virtues of the camel. The Afar have a myth of origin that describes Arab ancestors traced to ancient Yemen.”

I take the Afar people at their word: they say they come from Yemen, they come from Yemen. People will tell you who they are, the question is will you believe them.

By Truth Ministries

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