11th Century Bristol Psalter Depicts Israelites and Philistines With “Brown” Skin

Source: The Bristol Psalter (British Library) 11th Century.

This ancient manuscript is one of the few so-called marginal Psalters to survive. This manuscript is filled with brown-skinned peoples with varying Afrocentric hairstyles such as afros and locs as King David is consistently shown in the snippings below.

Note: King David with brown skin and with what could be considered is Afrocentric “lhair”. Page f.88v-89r.

Note: King David again. Page f.90v-91r.

Note: f.239v-240r.
Note: David vs Goliath. Page f.231v-232r.

This source reveals some medieval images of various biblical figures such as David versus Goliath. This source is extremely telling because it reveals what some medieval peoples thought about the physical appearance of some biblical individuals.

By Truth Ministries

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