1898 A.D. , It Was Noted That Negrito Skulls Found At The Parthian Necropolis of The Memnonium (at Susa) Confirm The Statements of The Classical Writers Of Oriental Ethiopians-Negroid Type of The Elamites Depicted On The Assyrian Sculptures-Susian Negritoes Occupied From The Tigris To The Persian Gulf-The Famous Frieze of Black Susian Archers Dating To The Time of The Achaemenian Dynasty-Strabo, Pausanias, and Diodorus Siculus All Confirm Memnon Took 10,000 Ethiopians and Susianians To The Siege of Troy

Source: The English Historical Review (Longman) 1898 A.D.

Note: 213 of the source.

Note: Page 213 of the source.

Note: Page 214 of the source.

This source confirms much of what we have noted about the ancient Elamites, Memnon, and the ancient black presence in the ancient near east (ANE).

By Truth Ministries

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