Flavius Josephus Describes a Black Syrian By Birth-Confirms Syrians Were of Various Colors In The Ancient World

Source: The Wars of the Jews; Or, The History of the Destruction of Jerusalem (Gutenberg) 2009 A.D.

From the source, “6. Upon this speech of Titus, the rest of the multitude were afrighted at so great a danger. But there was one, whose name was Sabinus, a soldier that served among the cohorts, and a Syrian by birth, who appeared to be of very great fortitude, both in the actions he had done, and the courage of his soul he had shown; although any body would have thought, before he came to his work, that he was of such a weak constitution of body, that he was not fit to be a soldier; for his color was black, his flesh was lean and thin, and lay close together; but there was a certain heroic soul that dwelt in this small body, which body was indeed much too narrow for that peculiar courage which was in him.”

This source comes from Josephus’ legendary work titled “The Wars of the Jews or History of the Destruction of Jerusalem”. This specific element of the source tells of a Syrian by birth who is black in color. This confirms that there were Syrians of a various colors in the ancient world.

By Truth Ministries

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