In 1533 A.D. , It Was Noted That The Land of Jewery Was Filled With Brown and Swarthy People

Source: The rare and most vvonderfull things vvhich Edvv. VVebbe an Englishman borne, hath seene and passed in his troublesome trauailes in the cities of Ierusalem, Damasko, Bethlehem and Galely and in the landes of Iewrie, Egypt, Gracia, Russia, and Prester Iohn, vvherein is set forth his extreame slauery sustained many yeeres together in the gallies and warres of the great Turke, against the lands of Persia, Tartaria, Spaine, and Portugale. (Earth English Books) 1553 A.D.

“time when Ioseph did lade home his brethrens Asses with corne, in the time of the great dearth mentioned in the scripture. At which time all their corne lay in those moun∣taines.

In the riuer of Nilo, there is long fishes of tenne or twelue foot long, which swimmeth néere the shore, they are called the fishes of King Pharao, they are like vnto a Dolphin. These fishes are so subtil, that swimming néere the shore side, they will pull men or women suddenly into the riuer and deuoure them.

In the citie of the gran Caer, the houses are of a verie olde building, all of lime and stone, and in most of the hou∣ses, the roofes are couered with fine golde, in a very work∣manly sort.

In Egypt there is small store of water, because it neuer raineth in that countrie, so that their water is very daun∣gerous to drinke. They haue no springs at all in that coun∣trie, and yet there falleth such a dew euery night, as doth refresh and kéepe their hearbes and plants in due sort, and makes them spring very fruitfully.

The people of those countries before mentioned are for the most part of a reasonable stature, yet of a brounish and swart complexion: their women goe muffled: and general∣ly in the land of Iewry they weare hye stéepled hats, much like vnto the forme of a suger loafe.”

This source confirms yet again that bloodline Jews are black people of varying shades of brown skin.

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